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Tip of the Week:

To raise partner’s pre-emptive bid you need tricks and those are Quick Tricks (aces and kings) to even think of going to game.  If you are weak or lack support  for partner’s suit, you should usually just pass.  But remember you cannot “rescue” partner by bidding another suit – new suit  by responder is forcing!  With 3-card support and a few tricks, you can make a simple raise below game (like raising 2S to 3S or 3D to 4D).  This raise is meant only to further increase the pre-empt, and is not invitational to game.  The pre-empt bidder should always pass the raise.

   Congratulations to the second place team on Saturday – Glen Dexter, Margie Knickle, Linda Walker and Marilyn Bernardo!!  It was a tough struggle but in the last match they won out over a ‘B’ team to nip out TWO ‘A’ teams by 1 victory point to snatch second place.


queen with wink colour.jpg    Upcoming Bridge Studio SPECIAL EVENT:

ª      HELEN SHIELDS Rookie/Master Game – WEDNESDAY APRIL 22nd at 1:00 pm – please note the time of the game.  The Bridge Studio has many students who would love to play and I would like to have you wonderful experienced players to play with these students.  Please reply to this email and I can add you to our MASTER list.

ª      Spring “Up the Ranks” – Saturday April 18th.  The ever delightful 0-1000 team game.  Game time 12:30 - $12.00 per player.  Sign up sheet at the Bridge Studio – or email Jill at jmariem@eastlink.ca

ª      Charity Club Championship game – Wednesday at 7:00!  Just $6.00 to play

ª      Thursday 7:00 Charity Club Championship - help us revitalize this game – we need players.  Mini-lesson at 6:45 – this week responding to partner’s Weak Two bids – feature ask and Ougst.


symbols.jpg      Grand Slam Adventures invites you to attend our wine & cheese Information evening.          symbols.jpg

Friday April 17, 2015

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Join Kathie & Jo Ann and hear about our PANAMA Adventure – February 2016

A Grand Slam Adventure caters to your passions of a pampered cruise holiday and enjoying bridge!!

For the Students of the Game:

§      Monday mornings (9:30am) - Advancing Beginners – More Play! Less Talk!  Each class begins with some insight into basic bidding, and some play technique, following this Nancy will have EIGHT hands for you to play and explore!

§      Tuesday (9:30) Jill has an ADVANCED class on Slam Bidding – basic bidding knowledge is a pre-requisite.

§      Tuesday (9:30) – BRIDGE BASICS I  - An introduction – this is the latest beginner class, instructor Trish Hattie

§      Thursday (9:30) Play of the Hand – Steve Anderson will be helping you become a confident declarer - there are many Tricks to the Trade - and Steve will tell you all about them

§      Wednesday (1:00) – Popular Conventions – SIX weeks only  - it is one thing to know the four most popular conventions - it is much more useful to UNDERSTAND the proper uses of Stayman, Transfer, Strong 2 bids and Blackwood.

§      How about practicing what you have learned  to date and joining our Monday night ‘Just Play Bridge’ game-  it is fun, it is relaxed.  We have grown to over 9 tables, and everyone is having a good time – not to mention the winners still get the chocolates!!

artwork4.jpg    This week’s Bridge Quiz:

South is the declarer in a 3NT contract.  What is your line of play with the following hands:


          S – A 8 3

          H – A 10 9 7 2

          D – A 3

          C – A K 6


  S – 4

          S – Q J 5

          H – 8 4

          D – Q J 10 7 2

          C – 8 3 2

How do you intend to win your nine tricks – remember to consider the order.


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1S and your Right Hand Opponent (RHO) overcalls with 2D.  It is your bid – what is your call holding the following:


S – 4 3

H  - A 7 3

D – J 10 7 6

C – K 9 3 2



Pass.  Yes, you have 8 HCP and you really want to bid something but you only have 8 HCP, bidding 2NT is an overbid, raising spades cannot be right with only two card  support, You can’t  make a negative double with only three hearts.  Pass for now and see what develops.  A good partner will go out of their way to find a  ‘balancing’ bid.  If you raise spades now, partner will not be surprised at your doubleton, even a 2NT bid will show a diamond stopper, and a weakish hand.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions?  Comments?  Just email me – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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