M C & G  Bridge Studio   5-Apr-2015

The Bridge Studio is OPEN on Monday (Easter Monday) the 6h!


Tip of the  Week:

After a 2 club opening bid, the first ‘real’ bid by either player promises 5 or more cards in the bid suit.  With a balanced hand, find a NoTrump call.  The only problematic hand is the infamous 4-4-4-1 J

   Kudos and Congratulations:

Thanks to everyone who pitched in this week, while I  took some time off to work on “house stuff” – and just for the record – NO we are not quite ready to move  in – just a couple more things to take care of, soon, we will be moving soon -  at least we will be in for the summer and in time for a bbq J  See you Tuesday!  Kudos to Nancy Fraser who will once again Become the Skipper for our Bridge Aces – Join our team for this year’s Walkers for the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society – The walk is on Sunday May 3rd.

queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio  --  We have TWO Charity Club Championships & One Inter-Club Championship

Charity Club Championship – Tuesday (7th) at 12:30 – 499er game.  $1.00 from each entry will go to our Alzheimer Walking Team

Charity Club Championship  - Wednesday (8th) at 7:00 - $6.00 to play and $1.00 to the CBFCF

Inter-Club Championship – Thursday (9th) at 12:30 – OPEN – remember you receive CC masterpoints if you make it into the overalls.

Grand National Teams – Club Level Qualifier

Saturday April 11, 2015  --  Game Time 12:30 pm

Lots of Red & Black Points  ---  THREE Stratifications

After the wonderful showing from our Non-Life Master Teams - it just shows that anything can happen, are you up for the challenge?

Lets have lots of teams out on Saturday – and of course – lots of FUN!!

We will have snacks for everyone   ---   Just $10.00 per player

Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the game:

Lessons are being prepared  - we are looking at a Beginner course, Competitive bidding course, play course and a Slam bidding course.  Final arrangements are in process – classes will begin NEXT week  - April 12th.  Please watch for course start times.

artwork4.jpg     This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1S and your Right Hand Opponent (RHO) overcalls with 2D.  It is your bid – what is your call holding the following:


S – 4 3

H – A 7 3

D – J 10 7 6

C – K 9 3 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:


You are the declarer in a 6NT contract.  How do you plan to make your 12 tricks.


The Dummy

  S – A Q 5 4

  H – 10 8 6 4

  D – A Q 4

  C – J 3


S – 10

The Declarer (YOU)

  S – K J 7

  H – A Q

  D – K J 8 6

  C – A K 4 2


You can count 11 tricks (4 spades, 1 heart, 4 diamonds & 2 clubs), and it appears that the only option is the heart finesse – but you have TWO finesses.  Look at the club suit.  You can lead a low club from your hand toward the C-J in dummy.  If West comes up with the Queen your C-J will be your 12th trick.  If East has the C-Q – well then you must go back to the heart finesse.  But TWO chances are better than one.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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