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Better Bridge has several chapters on how to declarer a hand.  Ms. Grant uses the “ABCs of Declarer Play”.  Here is what Ms. Grant has to say:

The C is for Consider the Order.  There are several considerations and here is where to begin.

-       Take the Tricks – sometimes you can see the tricks to fulfill your contract.  Be sure that trying for overtricks does not jeopardise your contract.

-       Play the High Card from the Short Side First – when you play a suit that is unevenly divided it is usually best to play the High Cards from the side with the shortest suit.

-       Check all your Options – When you have just one option – that is easy, but if you have more it will take some practice and reading to work out which one to go for first.  

-       Handle the Entries - entries are an important part of declarer play – learn to use them wisely.

-       Watch Out for the Opponents – The opponents are trying to take tricks as well, as  declarer you might have to let an opponent win a trick –try to arrange for it to be the one that is SAFE.

   Kudos and CongratulationsKudos to Bill Halliday – spending hours on the computer to calculate the points for each person on each house.  His many hours were finished today as he calculated our winners:

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS5GTYMnXz6dYrH7lwUA9Zs7YRh_td_UGCFcqE7G5tM33fzX0-ZWINS Anniversary Week 2015. Grand  total for CBC is 16,114.  CBC took a big leap today with 11 players in today’s game.

Most of the players came with a sport jersey and we had cheese cakes, shrimp and more delicious treats.  Congratulations CBC

  Image result for HBO network logo – 14,744

  https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRBfN91uoYku13G9I3ljJKLmf8j32R319PDBhSPKK6MhIaRKCO9 – 12,818

    https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRPRd_wkoaL5aQk6ydmiMf0xASlSvssdZp0ArLPxDoX1dTDCgKCWHWkLA- 12,194

*** Congratulations to Sheila Cardone who earned the most points 1248 for the week.


From CBC the most masterpoints were won by Stuart Eastwood (871) most spirit points Sheena Mackenzie (375)

From HBO the most masterpoints were won by Sheila Cardone (938) most spirit points Hazel Harlow (400)

From CTV the most masterpoints were won by Marilyn Bernardo  (549) most spirit points June Taylor (300)

And Global the most masterpoints were won by Del Knox  (832) most spirit points Peter MacKay  (135)

It was a FUN Time and I want to thank everyone for being so helpful with bringing delicious treats, helping with daily cleanup and more.

--- See you all Next Year J


To see an update on Today’s game and the details on points won by everyone please <click here>


queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening at the Bridge Studio this week:

MONDAY – is an ACBL Inter-Club Championship game – this special game has club points, and IF you place in the ACBL overalls you could win mega-points.  The Bridge Studio will pay the ACBL an extra $1.00 per person for  the masterpoint opportunity!  Good  Luck.


Wednesday April  1stCharity Club Championship – 7:00.  Cost of game is $6.00 with $1.00 per player going to our Walk for Memories Fund.


Friday April 3rdThe Bridge Studio will be  OPEN on Good Friday.  I have received several requests to stay open on this holiday, and there will be practice play at 9:30 and a Charity Club Championship game at 12:30.  Closed for Saturday and Sunday and open on Easter Monday.

Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the game:

Practice Play on Thursday and Fridays at 9:30 am.  Just finished a bridge course - now it is time to practise!  Jill is on hand to answer questions and steer you into the right direction, just $8.00 for the morning.  Monday evenings at 7:00, a nice relaxed game with Liz at the helm -  come for 6:45 for Liz’s “Pearl of Wisdom”.  It is fun and only $5.00.


DEFENSE – we are winding down our Defense course (we had so many cancellations due to weather) but this week we will explore some more advanced strategies as we look into how to find our tricks – this class is so exciting as you find ways to solve the puzzle of who holds what.


*** NEW courses are to begin in April after the Easter Break – more on that later this week.

“All About Slam Bidding” – Tuesday mornings beginning Tuesday April 7th.  Jill McCormick will be offering this 8 week course, it includes the tools to find good slams and stay out of bad ones.

artwork4.jpg    This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You are the declarer in a 6NT contract.  How do you plan to make your 12 tricks.


       The Dummy

  S – A Q 5 4

  H – 10 8 6 4

  D – A Q 4

  C – J 3



S – 10


      The Declarer (YOU)

  S – K J 7

  H – A Q

  D – K J 8 6

  C – A K 4 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1 Heart, your partner passes and your RHO bids 3 H (limit  raise), you PASS.  Your LHO now calls 4 Hearts – what is your call holding:


S – Q 8

H – K J 5 2

D – K 8 5

C – K Q 7 4



PASS – even though a PENALTY Double crossed your mind – forget about it. You do have lots of values, but you do not have enough SURE tricks.  The opponents’ auction sounds a little like they have some distribution (like singletons or voids).  And you will tell the declarer where all the high cards are so it makes it easier for them to play the hand.  Sit quiet and don’t give any hints!

---Better  Bridge Daily Bridge Column – March 1, 2015


See you at t he Tables,

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