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Tip of the Week:

The idea of the opponent’s pre-emptive opening bid is to make it more challenging for you and your partner to find your best fit and level.  However, many things remain the same after the Opponent’s pre-emptive opening, but there are some things that change.

Typically if you make a jump overcall over a 1-level bid it is pre-emptive for your side – BUT a jump overcall after an opponent’s pre-empt shows a strong hand; a very good 6-card or longer suit with too much strength for a simple overcall.  Remember the old time adage “Don’t pre-empt over an opponent’s pre-empt.”



Join us for Anniversary Week #17

Welcome to  TV Land

Every game this week a Club Championship (or better)

Everyone is in a House

HBO      CTV     CBC     GLOBAL


< Click here for a list of teams and details for Anniversary Week # 17 >


If you cannot see your name on one of the teams; email me back and we can draw a card for you – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

Starting Monday with The Soap Opera – dress up, bring soap and wear your house colours.


Tuesday - Crime / Wednesday – Comedy / Thursday – Sci-Fi / Friday – characters / Saturday – Reality / Sunday Talk & Sports

Wear your House colours and earn SPIRIT points for your House.



Kudos & CongratulationsKudos to Dorothy Chisholm who made a surprise visit to the Studio on Friday with a birthday cake for Hazel (Happy Birthday Hazel).  Saturday was our second ever 99er team game - Announced was the winning team of Russell Stacey, Jill Tobin, Colleen Ashworth, and Brenda Dunn – but after  a corrected scoring error  - the Official winners were  - Maxine Cordon, Joanne Belanger, Sharon Grant, and Annette  Leonard - - Congratulations.  Our snowed out Up the Ranks TEAM game was re-scheduled for Sunday emerging to the  top of 16  teams were: Candace Flemming, Mary Lynn MacDonald, Dave Tanner, and Mike Tanner.   Congratulations!

CBF_Logo.gifCBF Announcement – The deadline for registering teams for the Canadian Championships is upon us.  Need more information, go  to www.cbf.ca and read all about it.  Get your team together for this prestigious event to be held in Montreal May 23rd  - May 30th.  I have an under 1000 pair from Truro looking for a pair to team up with them for this event.  There is also a pair from Newfoundland looking for a pair for the Canadian Women’s Team in August.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Canadian Bridge Experience.


Bid box-blue.jpg  One more thing – anyone off to Gatlinburg??  I have received some requests for partners and wanting to know who is going.  Want info, let me know, I will pass it on.

artwork4.jpg    This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1Heart, your partner passes and your RHO bids 3 H (limit raise), you PASS.  Your LHO now calls 4 Hearts – what is your call holding:


S – Q 8

H – K J 5 2

D – K 8 5

C – K Q 7 4


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Partner opens the bidding with 1H.  What is your response holding?


S – A J 7 3

H – 3

D – 9 8 6

C – A K J 10 2



You have enough values to be in game.  First bid should be 2 clubs, forcing showing 10+ points (13 if playing 2/1) and forcing, then you can reverse into 2S with your next bid, this will show a hand with game going values, 5+ clubs and 4 spades. . .  just what you hold.


See you at the  tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions?  Comments?  Love to hear from you – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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