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Tip of the Week:

When the auction is over and the dummy is faced, focus on how to make the contract you are in – NOT the contract you wished you were in.  Too many times I have heard the declarer moan that there was a better contract than the one they are in and then play the hand haphazardly instead of making the best of it.  Plus the added bonus for the defenders to work harder on the defense, as they are sure they will now receive a good score.  You bid 6 spades instead of 6NT – try and make 7 spades, and don’t whine about the contract you are playing.  You might not be the only pair to land in the wrong contract J



Do you have ideas of  what you might want to see on our page  - let me know, I will take it to the board  kmacnab@eastlink.ca

    Kudos & Congratulations:  First my thanks and kudos to Victor Lamoureux for all the excellent help on Saturday for the “Bridge in a Day” workshop, also Bill who made up several extra boards as we ended up with many more participants than planned and Liz Legacy who put out the lunch and did all those dishes.  The day was very successful, thank you everyone who referred the new students to the course.  Congratulations to the many players at the Bridge Studio, Tuesday is our 17th Anniversary and thanks to you The Bridge Studio has become the largest club (most table count), according to the ACBL, in the Maritimes (and east of Montreal).


queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening this week at  the Bridge Studio:

Over the Weekend:

 J  Saturday (21st) – 99er TEAM Game – game time 12:30.  Kathie and Liz will help get partner’s and teams.  Fun day of bridge with snacks & treats, prizes for the winning teams.  Just 4 rounds of 5 boards per round, lots of time to play and have fun.  

 J  Sunday (22nd) will be the postponed Up The Ranks TEAM Game for 0-1000.  Many of you have already contacted Jill to reconfirm your team or to re-create one.


During the week:

 J  TUESDAY EVENING (17th, 7:00) – Charity Club Championship - The Bridge Studio’s 17th Anniversary – cake for everyone.

 J  Wednesday Evening – Just $5.00  - Come and play and start to form your teams for NEXT week’s “8  is Enough” Team Game.

 J  Thursday - 7:00 (19th)  0-750 pairs.  Did you know that the vast majority of the players have fewer than 300 masterpoints, and many with fewer than 150.  It is a nice relaxed game, finished by 9:55pm.  Never tried this I/N game  - let me know I might be able to find a Complimentary Play card J


Tune in Next Week – it is Anniversary Week

This week we will draw for houses

Next week will be ALL Championship Games

This year we visit “TV Land” – the world of Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Sports and More

Stay Tuned as we present to you all the Fun and Exciting Events starting March 23rd

     For the Students of the Game:

 Ø  Just two more classes for the Building a Better Foundation with Jill – this week BIG Hands, and next week Pre-emptive Bidding.


 Ø  DEFENSE – last week we discussed “Signals” and this week we will talk about Carding.  We can pass along lots of information to our partner during defense, if we know which card to play – See me on Wednesday at 1:00.

 Ø  Attached is a flyer for the 2nd Annual 299er Sectional Tournament.  To be held in Moncton NB, May 2 – 3, 2015.  Open to all players with fewer than 300 Masterpoints.  Last year was a  great success, get in the action.

artwork4.jpg    This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Partner opens the bidding with 1H.  What is  your response holding:


S – A J 7 3

H – 3

D – 9 8 6

C – A K J 10 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

South is in a contract of 4S.  How do you plan to play the following:



     S – A J 10

     H – 8 7 6 5 4

     D – A 9

     C – 5 4 3



C – Q


     S – K Q 9 8 7 6

     H – Q 2

     D – J 8

     C – A K 2


You need 10 tricks - you have 6 spade tricks, 2 club tricks and 1 Diamond- leaving 4 Losers .  How do you plan on making the contract – eliminating ONE of your losers.



After winning the C-Q with our Ace, you can count 1 club loser, 1 diamond loser and TWO heart losers.  You must eliminate one loser.  This is when you remember the adage – “never ignore a long suit in dummy!”  Win the club, and play a heart, don’t even think about squandering a dummy entry to play toward the H-Q - it is never going to work J.  The opponents win the heart and they continue clubs.  You win and now another heart – hmmm not bad, won by LHO.  Another club come back the opponents will likely try a diamond and you can win and ruff another heart – HIGH!. Low and behold all the hearts fall down and you have a place to discard your losing diamond on.


Kathie & Bill Halliday


Comments? Questions?  Let me  know  - kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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