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Tip of the Week:

I had an interesting auction from my opponents the other day. 1H- P – 2H – P – 3H – all pass. They missed a very good contract, because all their honour cards meshed together and the short suits each owned also worked.  I could not help but think, if they only understood the concept of the “Help Suit Game Try”.  After I open 1H and my partner bids 2H – there are so many bids between 2H & 3H, I should take advantage  - so #1 – I want to invite game, but don’t care so much about cards in two suits, but have a problem in a the 3rd suit – I can bid the suit I need help  in - now with partners “medium” minimum response - they can judge if  they have HELP for me in that ‘other’ suit.  - - - Hence the now auction – 1H – P - 2H – P – 3D (or 3C or 2S) is asking partner to go to game with 7 HCP or more and help in the help suit bid.  It makes bidding so much easier for the responder J

Kudos and Congratulations:   CONGRATULATIONS  to our TWO new DIAMOND  Life Masters  - Jim Kirby and Bill  Halliday – that is 5,000 masterpoints folks  - Well done boysKudos to our ‘little’ Sunday game that produced 19 teams – and EVERYONE won masterpoints today.  The game was flighted  - A&B  and C&D.  A special mention to Mary Lynn, Candace, Linda, and Cynthia – placing 1st in flight ‘B’ their first game where their field was all life masters and up!! – nicely done J

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio- here are the SPECIAL EVENTS:

·         Charity Club Championship – Tuesday (10th) 12:30 – 0-500 – no extra charge and EXTRA masterpoints.

·         Charity Club Championship - Wednesday (11th) 9:30am – no extra charge, extra masterpoints and $4.00 per table to the Walk for Memories – Don’t let the weather hold you back – we have hot coffee and treats and a nice warm game!!

·         Inter Club Championship – Wednesday (11th) 7:00 this game has regular points at the club – BUT if you finish in the ACBL overall, there are MEGA points available – Cost is $6.00 per player - Wednesday Special

·         Your Golden Tip on Thursday (12th) – 6:40 – this week we will “Reverse the Dummy” – Open to all players with fewer than 750 masterpoints  (truth be known – the players playing here mostly have fewer than 350 masterpoints – BUT the rest are welcome to come J)  Game time 7:00.

·         Up the Ranks - Team Game – Sunday  (15th) – 12:30.  Jill is back to hold her ever popular 0-1000 Team Game – Charity Club Championship. Need a team? Need a partner? Contact Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca

Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the Game:

DEFENSE class – Signals – attitude, count and suit preference – what is which – come on Wednesday at 1:00 and learn how to ‘speak to your partner’ by the cards you play.  Class begins at 1:00 – all are welcome - $12.00   Improve your defense, Improve  your game!


BRIDGE in a DAY – One Day Workshop, Introduction to bridge.  Here it is - Tell your friends and family – give our game a try.  We have lots of registrations and welcome a few more.  This is a FREE Introduction to Bridge – Saturday March 14th 10:00 – 2:30.


artwork4.jpg   This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

South is in a contract of 4S.  How do you plan to play the following:



     S – A J 10

     H – 8 7 6 5 4

     D – A 9

     C – 5 4 3



C – Q


     S – K Q 9 8 7 6

     H – Q 2

     D – J 8

     C – A K 2


Solution to Last  Week’s Quiz:

You open the bidding with 1 club, and partner responds 1NT.  What is your next call holding:

S – A K

H – Q 9 5

D – K 9 7

C – A Q 8 7 5



Bid 2NT – A raise to 2NT is an invitation to game showing about 18 or 19 points.  A hand that was too good to open 1NT.  Do not raise with a motley 13 or 14 points - partner is weak.  Also you do not want to leap to 3NT – partner could be VERY weak.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions?  Comments – Let  me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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