M C & G  Bridge Studio   22-Feb-2015

Tip of the Week:

Partner leads a suit – you win the Ace.  Now you return partner’s suit - which card do you return?  It is standard practice to give “Present Count” (sometimes referred to as current count).  Meaning – play a card that tells partner how many you presently (currently) hold.  You started with A 9 5 - return the 9 you have TWO left, play high/low from an even number.  You started with A 9 5 3 – return the 3 you have THREE left, play low/high from an odd number of cards.  This might help partner to decide how to proceed.  Good bridge play practices and agreements are much more helpful than many conventions.

    Kudos & Congratulations:  Great time this week for the Canadian Bridge Federation STaC - and Kudos to all of you for supporting the CBF.  I would like to send a special thanks to all those that contributed special snacks this week – we all loved the treats.  Congratulations to the many of you that made it into the Canadian overalls.


And a REQUEST – Now that we have our dishwasher and lots of cups plates I would like to have regular flatware.  If any of  you have extra knives, forks or spoons and would like to donate them to the Bridge Studio it would be appreciated.  I can do away with the plastic and use stainless steel – something good  for everyone, us and the environment.


queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

Time to start  thinking “Walk  for Memories” and  “The Longest Day”.  Working with the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society is such a good fit with keeping your brain fit, and playing bridge.  

 J  Monday is a  Charity Club Championship Monday (23rd) @ 12:30


 J  Up the Ranks on Saturday (28th) @ 12:30 – proceeds will be contributed to the NS Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories.


 J  Club Championship Game on Wednesday (25th) at 7:00 – STRATIFIED and Prizes for the winners in all THREE stratums.


 J  Charity Club Championship game in support of CBF Charity Foundation on Friday (27th) at 12:30

Then it is March (and MAYBE Spring ) – Monday March 2nd is the ACBL-wide  Seniors Game – same $10.00 but more masterpoints – and maybe ACBL overalls.


Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the Game:

Hoping the storms keep at bay – all lessons are  on.  The general rule on morning classes is if there is NO School there is NO bridge class – but with school being cancelled on account of ice only please check with the Mall Storm line – 902-444-1800 or with your instructor.


Monday morning with Carol is Competitive  Bidding – about to complete the section on OVERCALLS and getting ready to tackle Takeout Doubles.  If you would like to join in this class it can be arranged.  Please call the Studio and say you are coming (902-446-3910)


Beginner Class with Nancy – (Monday morning & evening) – Opening the bidding with a suit – Majors & Minors – Check with Nancy if you think class might be cancelled (902-455-7719).


Building a Better Foundation – Last Tuesday class  was cancelled – this week’s class “Minor Suit Responses – What is Forcing”.  Class is scheduled to be on unless the Mall is closed – if  unsure please contact Carol – 902-443-4525.


Defense – Wednesday at 1:00.  Second hand play, to you cover dummy’s honour?  What about a lead toward the dummy – high or low?  Join me for lesson 4 of Thinking on Defense. 

   Waiting for Spring  - Break the winter doldrums Come and Learn a Game to last a life time.


Saturday March 14, 2015

10:00 am – 2:30 pm


Brown Bag Lunch

Instructor – Kathie Macnab

artwork4.jpg  This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Here is the auction:

  North        East           South         West (YOU)

  Pass        pass           pass           ??


What is your call holding:

    S – A K J 10 6 5

    H – 7 5

    D  - A Q 9

    C – Q 7


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

As South you open the bidding with 1NT, and partner bids 3NT.  Opening lead H-6, you play the H-4 from dummy and East plays the H-J.  Plan your play.


                            S – K 7

                            H – A 7 4

                            D – 10 6 2

                            C  - Q J 10 8 4

West                                                      East

Lead H-6                                                H – J


                            S – A Q J

                            H – Q 10 3

                            D – A Q 7 4

                            C – 9 7 3


1.  How many sure tricks do you have?  6 – you have 3 spades, 2 hearts, 1 diamond


2.  Which suit will provide the additional tricks you need? Clubs  - you can promote 3  winners


3.  How many times will the opponents regain the lead?  Twice – you have to drive out the Club A & K


4.  Who holds the H-K?  West – East would have played  the H-K to the first trick (third hand high)


5.  What card are you playing to the first trick?  Play the H-3.  You need to hold up winning the first trick.  You will still get two heart tricks.  If you win the H-Q at trick one and lead a club, East  will win the C-K (orA) and return a heart trapping your 10 – Now West’s Hearts are established when they win the other club.


See  you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions?  Comments?  Let me know  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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