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Tip of the Week:

A note from S.J. Simon’s book, “Why You Lose at Bridge”.  His advice is timeless.  Simply put, he writes, keep it simple!  You should use a convention if you understand it and you think it will help your game.  It is also advised NOT to pick up conventions just because you like the general idea, or other players at your club are using them and you feel obligated to learn them.  Play what you know & understand - do NOT complicate  partnership understandings!!

   Congrats and Good Luck – Good Luck to Jill and Alexandra, we all are hoping that you both were able to leave NS with the BAD weather and enjoying sunny FloridaCongratulations to Margie (Knickle) and Glen (Dexter) – winning not just one but TWO flight ‘C’ events --- must be from playing many OPEN games and learning the ropes – well done!!  AND a few kudos to the 20 people that could not do without their bridge on Sunday and showed up at The Bridge Studio for the 5 table  team game.   All was well and congrats top Karl Hicks and Team for finishing FIRST over all!!


queen with wink colour.jpg What is happening at the Bridge Studio this week:

CANADIAN BRIDGE FEDERATION – Sectional Tournament at Clubs – It is a Plus / Plus event  - support Canadian Bridge AND win Silver points.  Every game this week is for SILVER Points!! And triple points at that!!   All games will be just $11.00 per player – (use your ‘play card - + $1.00)

PLEASE NOTE – originally scheduled was a TWO session team game for Saturday – this has been changed to a single session team STRATI-FLIGHTED game (B/C/D up to 1000 & A/X 1000 plus).  Sunday is an OPEN pairs games  - hopefully starti-flighted as well, but will be determined  by the number of pairs.  All other games will be stratified (limited games as well) and all for SILVER points.  Food provided for both Saturday and Sunday.

FIRST STaC game-Monday at 12:30 – unless other notification – this SILVER point game is ON!!


   Students  of the game:

Monday morning classes --  ALL classes for Monday morning are cancelled!!


Tuesday – 9:30 ---  Building a Better Foundation – class is on as scheduled --- this week focusing on MINOR suit bidding – openings and responding.


Wednesday 1:00 --  DEFENSE – improving your defense and THINKING bridge – looking at “What to do after the Opening Lead for Partner” - third hand play – high? Not so high? Cover the card?  Decisions by third hand -- Not sure what you should do – come see me on Wednesday at 1:00 – drop ins - $12.00 for good advise on how to defend a contract J


artwork4.jpg  This Weeks Bridge Quiz:

If you would like more  of these “Play Detective” hands – subscribe to the Better Bridge magazine:

As South you open the bidding with 1NT, and partner bids 3NT.  Opening lead H-6, you play the H-4 from dummy and East plays the H-J.  Plan your play.


                        S – K 7

                        H – A 7 4

                        D – 10 6 2

                        C  - Q J 10 8 4

West                                            East

Lead H-6                                      H – J


                        S – A Q J

                        H – Q 10 3

                        D – A Q 7 4

                        C – 9 7 3


1.  How many sure tricks do you have?

2.  Which suit will provide the additional tricks you need?

3.  How many times will the opponents regain the lead?

4.  Who holds the H-K?

5.  What  card are you playing to the first trick?


Solution to last weeks quiz:

You are in a 3 NoTrump contract.  West on opening lead - leads the S-5.  What do you play from dummy?

                            S – K 6 3

                            H – K Q 4

                            D – 9 6 4

                            C – K 7 5 3


Lead: S -5


                            S – 9 7

                            H – A 8 5

                            D – K Q 7

                            C – A Q 8 6 2



Play low:  If West has the S-A, the contract is in no danger.  However we don’t want to risk going down if East holds – S – A J 4.  Playing low at trick one East will be forced to win, and if East returns a Spade – we have 9 tricks.  If however, East wins with a low card and switches suits, you can have 8 toppers (5 clubs & 3 hearts).  When you try to promote a diamond and IF West wins and returns a second spade – you are back at square one – this time rise with the King and cross your fingers.

This hand is courtesy of the “Audrey Grant- Daily Bridge” column -  subscribe now—at www.betterbridge.com


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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