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Tip of  the Week:

The question is “How good are you at valuing your honour cards?”  With all things being equal, honours are more valuable in your long suits than in your short suits.  The longer the suit in which the honour is located the more valuable the honour.  Here are two hands:

S – A K 6 4 2                          S – K 6 5 4 2

H – A K 6 4 2                          H – 7 6 4 3 2

D – 7 5                                    D – A K                 Which hand do you think will have the better chance

C – 3                                       C – A                    at making a game contract??

Please Note – the February Calendar is ATTACHED – see  what is on  for the rest of the month

    Congratulations  and  Kudos  -- This weeks  CONGRATULATIONS goes to the Winning Women’s Team in our Annual “Bridge & Chocolate”  -- Janet Moulton, Margi Lawrence, Verna MacLeod & Elaine Black.  We had an exciting finish – the McDonald Team (Bev  McD, Marcia Shaw, Myrtle Moulton, Virginia Giza) versus the Moulton team (Janet, Margi, Verna, & Elaine) AND also vying for top  spot the Burney team (Cynthia  Burney, Linda Smith, Candace  Flemming  and Mary Lynn MacDonald) versus Legacy (Liz Legacy,  Kathie Macnab, Carol Hamilton, & Jill McCormick).  The Moulton team and Burney team were victorious to pull off 1st and 2nd place – well done ladies.  Just sitting down and getting into the game, playing well is a great attitude.  How much fun - - - checkout pics, courtesy of Linda Smith.

I would also like to send out Kudos to Liz Legacy for the promotion of our “Just Play Bridge” game on Monday evenings.  It took a while to get it going but with the ongoing support from some of our regular players (Carol and Doug Hamilton) we have built this game from 3 tables to a very popular 9 table game.  Thanks Liz, Carol and Doug for keeping these players into bridge.  And as an aside the foursome  from this group (Joanne, Debbie, Sandra & Karen) came through the day with Two wins and a respectable finish  -- Kudos and Congratulations to all!!

queen with wink colour.jpg     What is up this  week at the Bridge Studio:

Gearing up for our FIRST tournament of the year –The Joe Currie Sectional Tournament starts this Friday (2:00 pm) and plays all weekend at Mount St. Vincent University.  FYI – to all A/X players the Saturday game for A/X is scheduled for a two session event – but you are welcome to play just one session if you desire, you just cannot win the overalls J  Schedule at  -- The Joe Currie Sectional Tournament.

Tuesday (10th) at 7:00 - Inter-club championship – NO extra cost, same club masterpoints - BUT if you can place in the ACBL overalls – it is worth MEGA points J

Thursday (12th) at 12:30 – Charity Club Championship -  just $10.00 to play, double + masterpoints  and the Bridge Studio will contribute $1.00 per player to our Alzheimer Walk for Memories Fund.

Cards-with-hand-2.gif  For the Students of the game:

Competitive Bidding – Monday at 9:30.  As Carol moves into Effective Overcalling – feel free to join in the course.  There are 4 classes left and we can pro-rate the class.  This part is all about overcalling and takeout doubles – if you are not an effective competitive bidder - this course is for you.

DEFENSE – we are BACK – this week on Wednesday at 1:00  we will get into the OPENING LEAD.  I have a small class and welcome any new participants.  This class will give you so much insight into the “Thinking on Defense” you really do not want to miss it.  Way beyond what is in the ACBL old ‘Defense’ text  - this course is designed for OUR players and level of play.  Come see me J


Just Play Bridge  -- Open to all players - but especially designed for our New-to-the-Game players.  Relaxed, fun bridge.  Asked questions, get some help and win CHOCOLATE  - How bad can that be J J

artwork4.jpg      This week’s Bridge Quiz:

As South you open the bidding with 1NT, and partner bids 3NT.  Opening lead H-6, you play the H-4 from dummy and East plays the H-J.  Plan your play.


                        S – K 7

                        H – A 7 4

                        D – 10 6 2

                        C  - Q J 10 8 4

West                                                     East

Lead H-6                                      H – J


                        S – A Q J

                        H – Q 10 3

                        D – A Q 7 4

                        C – 9 7 3

1.  How many sure tricks do you have?

2.  Which suit will provide the additional tricks you need?

3.  How many times will the opponents regain the lead?

4.  Who holds the H-K?

5.  What card are you playing to the first trick?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You are in a 3 NoTrump contract.  West on opening lead - leads the S-5.  What do you play from dummy?


              S – K 6 3

              H – K Q 4

              D – 9 6 4

              C – K 7 5 3


Lead: S -5


              S – 9 7

              H – A 8 5

              D – K Q 7

              C – A Q 8 6 2



Play low:  If West has the S-A, the contract is in no danger.  However we don’t want to risk going down if East holds – S – A J 4.  Playing low at trick one East will be forced to win, and if East returns a Spade – we have 9 tricks.  If however, East wins with a low card and switches suits, you can have 8 toppers (5 clubs & 3 hearts).  When you try to promote a diamond and IF West wins and returns a second spade – you are back at square one – this time rise with the King and cross your fingers.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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