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Tip of the Week:

Have fun, try new partners.  One of the great aspects of bridge is the social side.  New friendships happen all the time at the bridge table.  The best partnerships  are those that can compliment each others style.  Everyone likes to be asked to play a game - so if  there  is someone out  there you would like to get to know better - give  them a call or email and ask them for a  game - you will be glad you did.   

  WE ARE BACK – the Atlantic crossing was wonderful.  The only rough day was  from Southampton to the Azores, but  it was smooth sailing from there on.  The group was fantastic  and we had a great  time.  Now we are planning for next winter – hope you can join us.  Oh – this email is a little late due to the TWO days we spent in Montreal before  they would allow us to  travel to Halifax.  But  time not  wasted, we found a pub and played bridge  there!!  Of course along with fun and more camaraderie. 

  I have Kudos for Jill – who took care  of the Studio in our absent, and to Trisha and Gerardo who ran the International Fund game on the 31st.  And of course to all of you for your support. 

queen with wink colour.jpg What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

TONIGHT (Wednesday) is a Charity Club Championship game.  Support our local charity (Alzheimer Society of NS and our Walk for Memories)

CBFlogoclr800.jpg  Next Up – The Bridge Studio Annual “Bridge & Chocolate”.  Something you do not want to miss!!  This game supports the Canadian Women’s Team Championships – all red points.  It is fun and everyone brings chocolate.  I see there is only room for a couple more team.  Bridge expertise is NOT a priority - just a team of FOUR women who want a FUN afternoon playing bridge.  Game time 12:30 ( 4 rounds, 7 boards each).  A couple of guys  will be directing and caddying (we get to boss  them around).  Sunday February 8th – 12:30.  Need team  mates  - please  let me know, it can be arranged.

    For the Students of the game:

DEFENSE course – we are back and ready to roll.  The next class will be on Wednesday February 11th  and we will be doing – OPENING LEADS

--- this class  has been delayed as  I was ‘out of town’.  But we are back on track now J

    This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

·       Contract is 5 Clubs, Declarer:  North

·       Opening lead: H-5

·       You have lots of trumps

·       You can only lose 2 tricks

·       What is your best options


                        North  (declarer)

                        S -  A J 10

                        H -  10 3

                        D -  K 7 4 2

                        C -  10 8 7 6


West                                           East

Opening lead

H - 5

                        South  (dummy)

                        S -  9 2

                        H -  9

                        D -  A 8 6

                        C -  A K Q J 5 3 2


Solution to Bridge Quiz  on January 18, 2015  (I know you all have been so anxious  to know J)

Your partner opens the bidding with 1-S and your RHO Overcalls 2-H.  What is your call holding the following hand:

   ª Q J 9 7 4

   © 3

   ¨ Q 10 8 6 4

   § 10 3


Answer – Gary  Brown refers  to a hand like this as a “Weak Freak” – you have tons of  support for  partner’s suit, and you have shortness in the opponent’s suit. Partner could easily have 13 HCP that will make a game opposite this hand.  I like to refer to this type of  bid  as a “Nova  Scotia Game Try” – I will bid  the game,  then you will try to make it J


See you at the tables

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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