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Tip of the Week:

Do you know what YOU play?  Do you have a Convention Card with all the things that you KNOW and you play? Not what others suggest, but what you know and are comfortable with.  It is recommended that you have a card for each or your partners and review that card before each game (I often forget which partners play which conventions).  More importantly – make a convention card for yourself, what YOU like and what YOU know.  There is even room on a Convention card to make little notes to yourself.  Keep it handy and refer to it before each game as a little reminder.



I am off on a Grand Slam Adventure

Leaving Sunday morning and will not be home until Monday February 2nd

There will be NO email next week – I will send one out on Tuesday February 3rd

You might want to consider joining us next year when we will be off to the Caribbean J

Answering Email might be tricky as internet is difficult on board and more so in some of the Caribbean Islands

High%20Five[1]    Kudos & Congratulations – Kudos Jill – for taking over the Studio while Bill and I are on vacation – I am sure she will receive lots of help. Congratulations to the players in our FIRST 99er team game.  Winners of the event were: Shirley McInnes, DeeDee Dyer, Kathy Fultz and Gary Aitchison.  Everyone won some points and it was a great day for everyone.  Thank you to Liz Legacy and Carol Hamilton for all your work today.


queen with wink colour.jpg    This  week (& next) at the Bridge Studio:

Help us support our Junior Players – there are FIVE Junior Fund games over the next TWO weeks.  For each game – Sectionally rated Black points and The Bridge Studio will contribute $1.00 for each player to the Junior Fund. – Here are the next five games:

J  Wednesday January 21st – 7:00

J  Friday  January 23rd  - 12:30

J  Saturday January 24th – 0-1000 Up the Ranks Team Game

J  Tuesday January 27th – 12:30 (0-500)

J  Wednesday January 28th – 7:00



Saturday January 31, 2015


Open, Stratified Pairs

Director & hosts – Gerardo  and Trisha Malazdrewicz

Mega points for anyone placing in the Nationally rated overalls

Double plus masterpoints for placing at the club level


For the Students of the game --- Lessons have begun.  We have the first week of lessons under our belts, but it is not too late to join a class.  Bridge Basics II – Monday morning at 9:30 with Carol and Thursday evening 7:00 with Bev.  They have just begun working on pre-emptive 3 level bidding and will start on the weak 2 bid.  If you would like to drop in, just call the Studio.


Beginner  Bridge – Nancy has a very enthusiastic group.  This week they covered the idea of winning tricks, and next week moving on to the logic of the bidding.


Building a Better Foundation – brush that rust off, and get back in the game.  See Jill on Tuesday mornings (9:30) and spruce up your game.


Defense – Wednesday at 1:00 – we have decided to wait until I return from my cruise to continue – So it is opening leads on February 4th.

artwork4    This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You partner opens the bidding with 1-S and your RHO Overcalls 2-H.  What is your call holding the following hand:

          ͺ Q J 9 7 4

          © 3

¨ Q 10 8 6 4

§ 10 3


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your side is vulnerable and your RHO opens the bidding with 1D.  What action do you take with the following hand:


S – 7 2

H – K J 9 8 2

D – K 10 5

C – J 7 3



The stakes are high when you are vulnerable, bidding with this hand is risky.  You would should pass for now.  In an auction where you do not take up any bidding space, you would like to have some “Quick Tricks” – you really don’t have any.  By passing now, if the opponents settle in a partscore, then I would likely come back into the auction, a free bid even at the one level should promise something – that is how you become a reliable bidder.


Back in 15 days – when sipping wine in Ponte Delgada, I will be sure to raise my glass to all of you enjoying bridge in beautiful(but cold) Nova Scotia

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Comments? Questions?  - Just email me: kmacnab@eastlink.ca  - but I am off  the computer until February 3rd.


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