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Tip of the Week:

Remembering that a response of a new suit at the 2-level over partner’s opening bid promises another bid (unless opener’s rebid is 2NT).  With that in mind – if your 10 or even 11 point hand is not worthy of TWO bids – then simply respond with 1NT.  If partner has anything extra, they will make another call and then you can re-evaluate.  Of course if you are playing 2/1 – it is a totally different story.

   Congratulations and Kudos – first thank you to all the fill ins, and helpers for the Saturday Team Game.  Even Jill who was prepared to come in and give a hand had to call in sick – I hear Edgar is home, on antibiotics and doing fine.  We had a great Unit 194 STaC week – we had a total of 120 tables and gave away tons of SILVER points.  Congratulations to everyone. 

queen with wink colour.jpg    This week at  the Bridge Studio

STaC week is done – next Silver point games in February – our own Joe Currie Sectional Tournament (Feb. 13-15) and the Canadian Bridge Federation STaC  (Feb. 16 – 22).  Now in January we will be contributing to our Canadian Junior Fund.  We have many junior players in the Maritimes and the Junior fund helps with their training as they represent Canada in world competition.  This week the Bridge  Studio will be holding THREE Junior Fund games - you will receive extra masterpoints and the Bridge Studio will be contributing $1.00 per player to the XL_Happy_Graduate_Emoticon[1]Junior Fund.

XL_Happy_Graduate_Emoticon[1]Monday (12th) 12:30 – Open to all players.

XL_Happy_Graduate_Emoticon[1]Wednesday (14th) 7:00 – Open to all players.

XL_Happy_Graduate_Emoticon[1]Saturday (17th) 7:00 – Special TEAM Game for players with fewer than 100 Masterpoints.  Looking for partner or  team mates - let me know ( kmacnab@eastlink.ca ) or contact Liz Legacy ( lizlegacy@hotmail.com ).  Game time 12:30 - $10.00 per player - prizes, food and fun bridge.


Hand-with-cards-v3.gif  For the Students of the game:

Bridge for Beginners – Monday at 9:30 am or 7:00 pm (10 weeks).  Have anyone you want to introduce to this great game  - send them over on Monday  - classes start!!

Want to improve your game?  It all starts this week- come and see our great line up of

Competitive Bidding – Monday at 9:30 am or Thursday at 7:00 pm (10 weeks)

Popular Conventions – Tuesday at 9:30 am  (10 weeks)

Building a Better Foundation – Tuesday at 9:30 am  (8 weeks)

Defense – Wednesday at 1:00 pm  (8 weeks)


-- it is helpful if we have an idea how many are taking these courses to insure we have enough books and handouts.


To register - just email me – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


    This weeks Bridge Quiz:

Your side is vulnerable and your RHO opens the bidding with 1D.  What action do you take with the following hand:


S – 7 2

H – K J 9 8 2

D – K 10 5

C – J 7 3


Solution to  Last Week’s Quiz:

You open the bidding with 1D holding:

S – A J 9

H – K 7

D – A Q J 6

C – K 10 7 4

Your LHO overcalls with 1S and your partner passes, and RHO passes.  Back to you!  What is your call?



Bid 1NT – your hand is too strong to open 1NT, and not strong enough to open 2NT.  Your intent was that if partner had bid 1H or 1S you would rebid 2NT to show 18-19 HCP.  BUT – in this case your LHO bid not your partner – a 1NT bid is sufficient to show this type of hand.


See you  at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions? Comments?  Please send them along – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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