M C & G  Bridge Studio   4-Jan-2015

Tip of the Week:

Quick tricks - back in the day before point count (A = 4; K = 3; etc) there was “Quick Tricks”.  An Ace = 1 quick trick; K & Q (in the same suit) = 1 quick trick; A & K (same suit) = 2 quick tricks; K x ( x x ) = ½ quick trick. In those days an opening bid consisted of 2½ quick tricks.  As I reflect back these were helpful guidelines. 

For your partner to recognize you as a reliable bidder – simple overcalls and third seat openers should consist of some number of quick tricks.  My number is 2 – what is yours?

queen with wink colour.jpg   This week at the  Bridge Studio:

Sectional Tournament at Clubs

All Games – Sectionally Rated Silver  Points

January 5th – 11th, 2015

Supporting Units 194 & 230

All the games at  the Bridge Studio this week will be SILVER POINT games

The game fee for all STaC games will remain at $10.00 per person

(sanction fees are just $5.00 per table going directly to Unit 194)

SATURDAY TEAM GAME  -- The Team Game is on Saturday Jan. 10th, 2015

2 Sessions – beginning at 10:00 am (lunch included – build your own sandwich)

This game will have Two Flights – B/C/D = 0-1250. A/X = 1250+ ($20.00 pp)


Up coming Special Games:

 J  Saturday January 17th  - 12:30 NEW  99er TEAM GAME (limited to students & new players with fewer than 100 masterpoints).  Just 4 rounds of 5 boards a round.  $12.00 per player.  Lots of special snacks and prizes.  We will help you with partners and team mates – contact Kathie – kmacnab@eastlink.ca or Liz lizlegacy@hotmail.com 

 J  Saturday January 24th – New Year Up the Ranks – JUNIOR FUND GAME.  Partners? Teams? contact Jill – jmariem@eastink.ca

  Congratulations & Kudos – Thank you to all the instructors at the  Bridge Studio  - we have an incredible line-up of courses this  winter, and I want to thank all of you for your time and dedication in improving bridge in Halifax.  

Cards-with-hand-2.gif    For  the Students of the game:

All our lessons begin NEXT week – January 12th.  We have a great line up.  Please go to our website for more information and registration.

Remember – if you are interested in a course, you can simply come to the first class and then register at the end of the class.


enter the site, click on “lesson information”  or scroll down for a brief description.

    This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You open the bidding with 1D holding:

S – A J 9

H – K 7

D – A Q J 6

C – K 10 7 4

Your LHO overcalls with 1S and your partner passes, and RHO passes.  Back to you!  What is your call?

      South(you)    West    North    East

          1D               1S       pass     pass



Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You hold the following hand:

S – A 10 5 4 3 2

H – K Q 8 7

D – A 2

C – 2

You open the bidding with 1S and partner responds 1NT.  What is your rebid?



Bid 2H – even thought it is tempting to rebid the 6-card spade suit  - that will surely tell partner about your 6 spades and limit your hand to 12 – 14 HCP and it will likely end the auction.  Whereas if you rebid 2H – you might uncover a better fit, partner knows you could have up to 18 HCP and will likely take another bid (remember 2H is not forcing).  If  necessary you will have a chance to make a third bid and this would be spades to let partner have the full picture of your hand.  The important thing  to remember is that when holding 6 spades & 4 hearts – it is much more superior to rebid the hearts – unless of course the 4-card heart suit is very poor.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Comments?  Questions?  Contact me – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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