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Tip of the Week:

We all make New Year’s Resolutions to keep our body fit, this year make a resolution to keep your brain fit as well.  Bridge is the type of activity that one can build on – build on the skills you know and improve them.  Learn better play technique or defensive techniques.  Improve your simple treatments and agreements with partner.  The other aspect of bridge that keeps our brains engaged is the social aspect; try a new game, maybe one at a bid higher level than your current game.  Maybe it is time to meet new players and invite someone different for a game.  It has been documented that games like bridge are a good way to keep your brain healthy, for both the mental activity and the social side of the game.  Get in the game, take a class, invite someone new to the game.


There was a  wonderful article in Saturday’s Chronicle Herald about or our bridge playing friends in the valley – if you did not see it you can point and click the following link:



   Kudos & Congratulations: Thank you to everyone who brought in some great food for Saturday’s Holiday Party.  Everything was scrumptious and Jill, Bill and I all appreciate your contributions to make the party a success.  Congratulations to our winners of our 19 table individual game (thats 76 players) – First place was Jean Cooke and Second place Carolyn Courteen, well done ladies!!  Congratulations also to Jim Mathers & Rosemary Sampson winners of the Holiday Special Open Pairs!!

queen with wink colour.jpg  The last week of year and beginner of next – what is happening at the Bridge Studio

§      Monday at 12:30 – ACBL Inter-Club Championship.  Be in the national overalls and win MEGA points (at the Studio it will be regular club masterpoints)

§      New Year’s Eve – Morning bridge (open) at 9:30 and 299er game at 1:00.  Holiday treats with mulled cider.  The Studio will be Closed in the evening and on Thursday – New Years Day!

§      Friday January 2nd – 2015.  First game of the New Year!!  Junior Fund Game.  January is Junior Fund Month - $1.00 from each player (from the Bridge Studio) in each Junior Fund Game will go toward supporting our Junior Teams. 

For the Student of the Game -- Cards-with-hand-2.gif

What are you looking for to improve your game?


 J  Compete in the auction effectively – Bidding in Bridge is not one sided – BOTH partnerships will want to vie for the contract.  But you also want your partner to be able to rely on your actions.  Learn how to Compete effectively with “Competitive Bidding”  Monday at 9:30 am or Thursday 7:00.


 J  Playing Stayman? Transfers? And more of the Popular Conventions – To get the most out of your partnership bidding – be sure you understand the logic of these conventions – Tuesdays at 9:30 or Wednesdays at 7:00.


 J  Need a refresher on your basic bidding.  After you have played some duplicate, and know there is the odd thing you are not sure about  and want to improve  your basics – Join the “Building a Better Foundation” course on Tuesday mornings – 9:30.


 J  How is your Defense?  Half the game you and your partner are defending – and what a joy it is to get those extra tricks from the declarer – or at least be sure you do not give the declarer any underserved tricks JWednesdays at 1:00


 J  Of  course if you have friends you would like to introduce to our wonderful game, Bridge BasicsMondays at 9:30 or 7:00


For more information on any of these courses – simply email me back ( kmacnab@eastlink.ca ) or go to our webside – www.bridgestudio.org and click on Lessons.  Keep your brain in shape – keep learning!!


  This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You hold the following hand:

S – A 10 5 4 3 2

H – K Q 8 7

D – A 2

C – 2

You open the bidding with 1S and partner responds 1NT.  What is your rebid?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You hold the following hand:

S – K

H – K 8 4 3

D – K 6 5 4 3

C – A J 2


With your 14 HCP you open the bidding 1D, and your partner responds 1S.  What is your next call?


Bid 1NT – this is a rare example of rebidding 1NT with a singleton.  In a pinch, rebidding NT with a singleton high honour in partner’s suit is liveable.  All other choices  of rebids are much worse.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions? Comments? – Let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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