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Tip of the Week:

Consider the order.  This is the ‘C’ in the ABC’s of basic declarer play.  More contracts have failed because the declarer did not Consider the Order.  Be sure to know which suit to attack first!  Often you will have some sure tricks, even a running suit.  But before you run that suit - consider whether or not you need to establish another suit or trick first.  Before pulling trump – consider whether or not you might want some of the trumps left in dummy to ruff your losers.  Always work through the order of play in your head  - before you play to trick  ONE.

   Congratulations & Kudo – from Me and Bill and Jill to all of you – Wishing everyone a very 

Merry Christmas & Holiday Season.  Please accept our invitation to The Bridge Studio Annual Holiday Party on Saturday December 27th.  All day of bridge play and no playing fees -  First game at 1:30 – and NO Partner needed.  It is an Individual Game – Party Bridge. A great time to meet other players at the Studio.  Everyone, all levels are invited to play.  Potluck Dinner at 5:00 – Jill and I will be making Chilli, and we welcome any other food contributions – appetizers for the afternoon, salads for dinner or dessert to enjoy during our evening pairs Club Championship. Club Champion Pairs game begins at 7:00.  Come and Play – NO PLAYING FEES -  this is our Holiday Treat to you!!

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is Happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

Monday (22nd) at 12:30 – Pairs game with Steve.  This is his last game before his sojourn to Hamilton and then Florida (he will be gone until April).

Monday (22nd) at 7:00 – Just Play Bridge Christmas Party.  We will have some punch, egg nog, and treats.  Prizes for the winners, and Christmas Cheer – don’t forget the Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45.

Tuesday (23rd) at 12:30 – 0-500 Christmas Club Championship Game – Extra Masterpoints and prizes.

Tuesday at 7:00 – our regular pairs game, for many of you your last game until after Christmas.

Wednesday (24th) 9:30 AM – Christmas Eve Club Championship – Egg Nog  and Cookies. 

       The Bridge Studio will be closed from 12:30 on the 24th until 1:30 on the 27th

Saturday December 27th – 1:30 Individual CC & 7:00 Pairs CC – we have games, food and lots of fun—all for FREE!!

Cards-with-hand-2.gif  For the Students of the Game:

The winter lesson schedule is listed on our Web  site  -- www.bridgestudio.org

Have Friends you want to introduce to bridge?  Bridge Basics I- Monday mornings at 9:30 and evenings at 7:00. Beginning January 12, 2015

Bridge Basics II – the next course after beginner.  Just because the other side started the bidding, it does not mean you cannot vie for the contract as well.  Learn all about how to compete in the auction.  It make the game more fun J -- Monday 9:30 & Thursday 7:00 pm - reply to this email or register online.  Or call the Studio: 902-446-3910

Bridge Basics III -  Rounding out the Basics of Bridge – here we learn about the 4 most popular conventions, how they change our bidding and have a greater understanding of the game.  Tuesdays 9:30 and Wednesday 7:00.  These conventions are easy once you understand what they are really all about.

Building a Better Foundation – a mixture of Basics I & Basics II – this will get you back in the game if you have been away for a while, or if you have been playing a bit and want to hone those basic skills – come see Jill at 9:30 on Tuesday mornings.

Defense – from our Great Defenders and Eddie Kantar Thinking Bridge – join this Wednesday afternoon course  - 1:00

All registration can be done online, telephoning the Bridge Studio or by replying to this email  (kmacnab@eastlink.ca)

   This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You hold the following hand:

S – K

H – K 8 4 3

D – K 6 5 4 3

C – A J 2


With your 14 HCP you open the bidding with 1D and your partner responds 1S.  What is your next call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner has opened the bidding with 1NT.  You hold the following:


S – A J 10 4

H – 7 5

D – Q 10 9 7 5 2

C – 4


How would you plan to continue this auction?



By agreement- this auction should start with you bidding Stayman. IF partner bids 2S – you would raise.  IF partner bids 2H – you should bid 3D – highly invitational showing a 6 card (sometimes 5) suit with 4 cards in the other Major.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Comments?  Questions?  Please contact me  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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