M C & G  Bridge Studio   14-Dec-2014

Tip of the Week:

Pre-emptive bidding – this is something you and your partner should discuss.  Firstly - what is your style – are your opening pre-empts always the same or do they change depending on the seat you are in and the vulnerability.  Secondly most pre-empts especially in thirds seat, non-vulnerable versus vulnerable are pretty much random – could be really weak or close to an opening bid.  Thirdly - fourth seat my 2 or 3 level bids - promise I can make the number of tricks I have bid for – and partner knows it!!

   Kudos & Congratulations

To the I/N Christmas Team Game on Saturday – congratulations to the winners of the 19 teams – Carolyn Courteen, Donna Richardson, Pat Tanner & Dave Tanner. And kudos to Jill for a well run game and to all the players for ALL the incredible nibblies there for the afternoon.  What a spread – what a day!!

Special “Last Chance” CNTC Team Game

Saturday December 20th – 12:30 pm

Single Session Christmas Party -- TRIPLE RED points

$12.00 per player

We will have lots of Christmas goodies; Christmas punch, beer and wine

An afternoon of bridge (4 rounds, 7 boards) - Stratified – everyone is invited

Come and play  - relax, have fun and enjoy the company!!

queen with wink colour.jpg      What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio

  *       Wednesday December 17th7:00 – the Hanukkah Club Championship.  The menorah will have the first candle lit on Tuesday and the second candle will be lit on Wednesday.   We will have a special surprise for everyone and some special food.  Club Championship Prizes & Double points.  All of this for just $6.00


  *       ThursdayI/N Pairs (0-750).  This game is growing – let us keep it going.  Come early – at 6:40 I will give some tips on ways to make “Limit Raises” and “Forcing Raises”.  Keep the partnership alive!!

*       Don’t forget – the Bridge Studio will be OPEN for the Wednesday morning game on both CHRISTMAS eve & NEW YEARS eve!!

    For the students of the game:

New classes beginning the week of January 12th.  One class we are considering  is the “Great Defenders”.  This class is a must for anyone who is interested in being involved in the game of bridge.  Defense is half the game.  The class is currently scheduled for Wednesdays at 1:00 – but will only happen if we have at least 12 participants – so please let me know if you are interested – write back at kmacnab@eastlink.ca – control click.

We are also looking at a special TEAM GAME limited to players with fewer than 100 Masterpoints – interested – let me (kmacnab@eastlink.ca) or Liz lizlegacy@hotmail.com  -- this game will be in early January (Saturday?)

    This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your partner has opened the bidding with 1NT.  You hold the following:

S – A J 10 4

H – 7 5

D – Q 10 9 7 5 2

C – 4

How would you plan to continue this auction?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:


  North    East    South    West

   pass     pass      1NT    pass

    2H       pass      2S      pass

    3D       pass      ?   


You open the bidding with 1NT – partner responds 2H (transfer) and you bid 2S.  Partner now rebids 3D – what is your bid holding:

S – 10 4

H – K Q 10 5

D – Q J 3

C – A Q J 7



Bid 3NT – Whenever partner transfers and then bids a new suit – it is forcing.  You must make a call.  With this hand you have a minimum 1NT bid with no interest in either of partner’s suit – just  bid 3NT, trying to slow the auction down.  If partner continues to bid – co-operate, partner is in charge.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions?  Comments?  Let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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