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Tip of the Week:

From time to time you will discover that while defending you have established an entire suit of your own.  The only problem is you have no way to get in and use it.  So don’t hang on to that suit if you have something else to protect.  Throwing a low card in a side suit, may allow declarer that extra trick for a good score.  Remember – keep winners – discard  losers!!

As you are all aware we have been saving our  pop can tabs for Peter Ineson and the RCMP Vets -  if you have any tabs – please bring them to the Studio by December 18th – this message is from Peter:

The RCMP Vets are winding up their 1st accumulation and are preparing to purchase their 1st wheelchair and are hoping to top-up the fund by collecting whatever tabs are currently available.

  Congratulations -- Trisha Malazdrewicz & Susan Hubley – Finishing 10th in the National Women’s Pairs Event!! Way to go ladies!!  Today we have congratulations to Jim Mathers, Rosemary Sampson, Linda Howard & David Piper for winning the “8 is enough” CNTC game today!!


A Special Note to all players:  I understand that many of you have medication to take while at the Bridge Studio.  Please be mindful of your paraphernalia, there is a proper receptacle at the Studio!  Please use it.  Thank you.  


queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening this week at  the Bridge  Studio:

Holiday Season is a time for giving and the Bridge Studio is giving POINTS this week –

- Wednesday (10th) 1:00 Holiday Club Championship – come and enjoy some Egg Nog & Christmas cookies – and win extra masterpoints and a prize!

- Wednesday (10th) 7:00 – CBF_Logo.gif Canadian Open Pairs Club game – this is triple points and half are RED!!  Just $6.00. 

- Thursday (11th) 7:00 - Inter-Club Championship – this game will have extra points for anyone who makes a placing ACBL wide – No extra charge to you, but an opportunity to win extra points - PLUS a special mini-lesson at 6:40 on Reverses by Responder – when do they happen and what do they mean!!


- Saturday (13th) 12:30 – Up the Ranks – Christmas Team Game – Fun, Food & Prizes.  Jill is still able to match up partners and put together teams – jmariem@eastlink.ca  If you have never played in a team game before – this is a great time to give it a try!!


- Just Play Bridge – Monday at 7:00 – Fun for everyone – relaxed play, asked questions, chocolate for the winners!!  For all the students, now is your chance to just play and get some practice – Don’t forget Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45

For the Students of the game:

We are in the process of putting together the schedule for the Winter months.  We have Beginner Bridge, Competitive Bridge, Popular Conventions, and Bridge Refresher on the agenda.  If there is something you would like to see presented – course, workshop please let me or Jill know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca  The Bridge Studio has a Tradition of Excellence for our well thought out and well presented courses.  Come for the Best!!

   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

North    East    South    West

  pass    pass      1NT      pass

   2H      pass      2S        pass

   3D      pass       ?   


You open the bidding with 1NT – partner responds 2H (transfer) and you bid 2S.  Partner now rebids 3D – what is your bid holding:

S – 10 4

H – K Q 10 5

D – Q J 3

C – A Q J 7


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

From the Audrey Grant Daily  Bridge Column – Quiz #101.  See her wonderful site – www.betterbridge.com

What is your opening bid holding the following hand:

S – A J 10

H – K Q 10

D – K 10 9

C – J 10 9 3



You likely counted the points in this hand more than once.  It is a mere 14 HCP rich in 10s and 9s.  It looks like 1NT, it  even feels like 1NT – so just open 1NT.  My guess is even if the hand goes on the table as dummy, partner won’t even notice it is only 14 HCP – you have just ONE card lower than a 6!!


The last two quizzes have come from the Audrey Grant Daily Bridge Column.  Only $9.99 per month. It is rich in quizzes, information and hands to play it is well worth it. following the quiz or hand be sure to read the column for even more valuable information.  To have a look at the site go to www.betterbridge.com for a sample.


Happy Holidays & See you at t he tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questons? Comments?  - let me know  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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