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Tip of the Week:

As a defender and you are in third or forth position playing to the trick and you have touching honours – remember to play the lowest of the touching honours (as high as you HAVE to).  Play top of a sequence when you are leading a suit.  Leading a low card tends to show an honour in that suit.  As declarer – you can play any card you wish, deception is part of declaring.

   Kudos & CongratulationsKudos to Jill for the fine handling of the 18 teams on Saturday, everyone loves “Up the Ranks”.  The December “Up the Ranks” will be a Christmas party for 0-1000 only, Saturday December 13th (12:30) - get your team organized. And Congratulations to Gundi & Larry for winning the Lucky Score Chocolates on Monday and Lucky Score winners Wednesday evening  - Dodi Walsh & Brian Ferguson ($118.50 each)

queen with wink colour.jpg     What is  happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

Monday (24th) 12:30 is a Club Championship Game – we have prizes for the winners.  The  winners of the candy last week want the fun to continue, so there will be another Lucky Score winner on Monday.


Wednesday (26th) 7:00 is a C.O.P.C. club  game.  This will be TRIPLE points and half of them are  RED.  Stratified and tons of fun.  This has become a very diverse field, let’s keep it going.


Thursday (27th) at 7:00 – I/N pairs – CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – which means extra points and prizes.  Where have our Thursday players gone?  Some seem to be worried that there are too many ‘Big Boys’ in the field – but not really true.  Life masters playing – 1 or 2.  Players with more than 500 masterpoints – 0 or 1.  So come and play.  As the director of this game - I will have you out of there for 10:00 pm.  Pre-game chalk talk – no problem, let me know what you want to have for a 15 – 20 minute review on ( kmacnab@eastlink.ca )

CBF_Logo.gif Sunday November 30th – Stratified Club  Team Game – Canadian Open Team Championships – Club  Qualifier.  THREE strats – everyone gets to play  and WIN – A = Open; B = 1000 – 2500; C = 0-1000.  All RED points  and the right to play in the Canadian Championships in May.  Treats, snacks, beer and wine – just $10.00  for all those points.  Let me know if you need help  with finding a team.


No Scents makes Good  Sense – please remember we  have several players  who are  ‘scent sensitive’ so please bare that in mind  when getting ready for your bridge game J

   For the Students of the Game:

 J  Just Play Bridge – EVERY Monday 7:00pm – 9:00pm.  Join this relaxed, NO masterpoint bridge game.  Ask questions, have fun and we have prizes each week!  Come early to hear Liz’s “Pearl of Wisdom.”


 J  The Great Defenders – into the last two classes.  This week we will be discussing “Defensive Carding”.  There is more to carding than simple discards.  This class will discuss – how to avoid giving declarer too much information; preventing declarer from winning undeserved  tricks and how to maintain communication with partner.  Simple tips to make you defend better.  Monday 9:30am & Thursday 7:00pm  - drop-ins welcome - $12.00.


 J  Opening Leads Against No Trump.  Lesson 2 will start looking at exceptions to Fourth Best from Longest and Strongest.  Tuesday 9:30.

      This Week’s Bridge  Quiz:

From the Audrey Grant Daily Bridge Column – Quiz #101.  See her wonderful site – www.betterbridge.com

What is your opening bid holding the following hand:

     S – K 10

     H  - A Q 3

     D – Q J

     C – K 8 6 5 4 3


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Holding the following hand you open the bidding with 1S, LHO passes and partner bids 1NT (non-forcing) and RHO passes.  What is your rebid?

     S  - A J 8 7 5 4

     H – A

     D – A Q J 2

     C – 3 2



Bid 2D.  This hand is too strong for a 2S rebid, you have enough strength for 3S but the suit is not good enough. A bid of 2D indicates a second suit, and a point count range of 12 – 18.  This is not a forcing bid (you are the opener) but it is highly suggestive for partner to make another call.  Be patient as you may be able to rebid your spades later – give partner a better idea of what you hold.


See  you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions? Comments? – contact me  at  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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