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Tip of the week:

One of the most common mistakes made in bidding is when players make decisions based on their hand alone.  A better course of action is to make bids that help you to elicit more information from partner, therefore making better decisions. Exploring the language  of bidding and partnership understandings is paramount in good bidding habits and partnership communication.

cid:image001.png@01D001CF.81DAE9D0   Kudos & Congratulations  - - This  week’s congratulations goes to Graham, Brian, Linda and Marilyn  for coming FIRST in flight C of the CNTC club qualifier on Saturday.  Only a few  more games to be able to qualify – who knows who might want to participate in the Canadian finals  in Montreal.  Kudos to those of you who have brought in donations of coffee, it’s been greatly appreciated.

queen with wink colour.jpg    This  week at the Bridge Studio:

 §  Wednesday morning 9:30 this month’s second “Inter-Club Championship Game”.  No  extra cost  to you but if you succeed  in placing nation-wide you  lots of  extra masterpoints.  Mary & Eric received and extra 3.84, while Daniel & Mike garnered an extra .91 on Tuesday Nov. 11th. You never know who might be the next national winner!

 §  Wednesday at 7:00 Canadian Open Pairs –club  qualifier. This game has TRIPLE points and half of them are RED. All yours for just  $6.00!!

 §  Friday at 12:30 – a Bridge Studio Club Championship game – more than double points and yes we have Club Championship prizes!!

 §  Up the Ranks – a special team game for 0-1000.  Saturday November 22nd beginning at 12:30.  This game is a CNTC-C game which means – TRIPLE points and they are RED.  Sign up sheet is at the Studio or contact Jill – she can help with partners and teams.

 §  Monday at 12:30 will be  another Bridge Studio Club Championship  game  -  points and prizes  - see you there!!

cid:image003.png@01D001CF.81DAE9D0    For  the students of the game:

The Great Defenders – week 9 is  all about partnership communication and helping each other figure out “who  holds what!”  Monday morning at 9:30 and Thursday evening at 7:00.  These are stand alone classes so if you want to drop in please come along.  Both  classes are small  so it is easy to accommodate.

Beginner Bridge – I will  be doing my third class of a 6-class series this Wednesday at 1:00.  We will be talking all about NoTrump.  It is not  too late to join this class.  We convene Wednesdays at 1:00 and Fridays at 9:30.

SPECIAL 4-WEEK MINI-SERIES.  Jill will be  starting a special 4-week course  on “Opening Leads versus  NoTrump”.  From Audrey Grant’s bookmark book series -  this is a wonderful course and a great way  to get started on thinking about what to lead – and what it means.  Tuesday – 9:30am.

cid:image004.jpg@01D001CF.81DAE9D0     This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Holding the following hand you open the bidding with 1S, LHO passes and partner bids 1NT (non-forcing) and RHO passes.  What is your rebid?

    S  - A J 8 7 5 4

    H – A

    D – A Q J 2

    C – 3 2

 Solution  to  last  week’s quiz:

Your RHO has opened the bidding with 1D, what is your call holding:

    S – K Q 6 4

    H – 6 2

    D – K 9 7

    C – A J 7 3


PASS!!   Indeed you hold 13 HCP, but a takeout double requires support  for ALL the unbid suits – you cannot support hearts.  You cannot bid 1NT, you are not strong enough, and you should not bid that 4-card spade suit.  You will very likely have an opportunity to get back in the auction, watch the bidding carefully, maybe your can double the second time around.  Maybe your partner can take some action – who knows, but be patient with these cards.

See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday  

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