M C & G  Bridge Studio   9-Nov-2014

   Lest We Forget

Please note – the Bridge Studio will be OPEN at 12:00 NOON Tuesday November 11th, Remembrance Day

(Special arrangements have been made for Doug Hamilton’s Competitive Bidding Class)

Tip of the Week:

For players using the “Jacoby  2NT” Convention.  It is important for the opening bidder to remember to describe their hand!  A jump to 4 of the agreed major not only says you have  a minimum opening bid but totally denies having any singleton or void in the hand.  Bidding that shortness is important, as it might be the key responder needs to investigate slam.  If you opened light, it is likely a distributional hand, you can shut the auction down later!!

  Kudos & CongratulationsCongratulations to all the winners as the Halifax Fall Sectional tournament.  And Kudos  to Marlene, Valerie, Barb and Carole Anne for doing such a wonderful job putting it together!!  Thank you!!

queen with wink colour.jpg  What is  happening this week at  the Bridge Studio:

J  Come and play a quiet, nice and relaxed game of bridge on Monday evening.  This is perfect for all our new players and students.  We start to play at 7:00 and are finished at 9:10.  A little pre-game (6:45pm) “Pearl of Wisdom”.  NO Masterpoints, but we have chocolate for the winners!!  “Just Play Bridge”  Monday  7:00


  J  Inter-Club Championship game – Tuesday 7:00 – This game offers  C.C. Points and an opportunity for bonus points if you place ACBL wide (no extra charge).


  J  Wednesday Nov. 12th. 7:00  The Bridge Studio’s 17th Annual Memorial Game.  This Charity Club Championship is a special game to honor and remember those who are no longer at our bridge tables.  $10.00 (of  which a portion will be donated to Charity).  Up graded game.


  J  Stratified OPEN Team GameSaturday November 15th12:30RED point event, CNTC Event.  We will have lots of snacks on hand, beer & wine as well.  Good Bridge, Good Times and your chance to qualify for the up coming Canadian Nationals.

    For the Students of the Game:

Monday at 9:30 & Thursday at 7:00. DEFENSE! This week we will be talking “Trump Leads”.  Trump Leads can be the most devastating lead of all, Steve and Kathie will show you when a trump lead is a good idea, and when trump leads should be avoided!!  2 hours, student hand outs, drop-ins welcome.

   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your RHO has opened the bidding with 1D, what is your call holding:

S – K Q 6 4

H – 6 2

D – K 9 7

C – A J 7 3


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1D and your partner says “DOUBLE”, RHO passes.

What is your call holding:

S – Q 10 7

H – J 5

D – K J 7 4

C – K 9 6 4



1NT –A NoTrump response to partner’s Takeout double is a “value showing” bid.  1NT shows 6-10 HCP.  Here you have 10 HCP and no 4-card major, and controls in the opponent’s diamond suit. 1NT is a perfect description.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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