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Tip of the Week:

A transfer followed by a bid of a new suit is game-forcing.  It shows at least 5-5 in the two suits.  To show 5-4, responder will bid Stayman and if opener bids 2D, responder will rebid the 5-card suit at the cheapest level to invite game or jump a level in the 5-card suit to force to game, Standard American (some players use a Convention called Smollen, where they now rebid the 4-card suit).   With a 6-4 hand, and 8+ points, bid Stayman and if partner bids 2D – Jump to game in your 6-card suit.  With a very weak hand – transfer to your best suit and pass.

   Kudos & Congratulations  --  Congratulations to Candace Flemming and Rod Mackenzie for placing first in the North American Pairs, District 1 Flight A finals.  As a special Kudos – Candace received enough GOLD points in this event to attain her Life Master Status.  It looks like cake on Thursday!!  Second place went to Stephen Tynes and Ethan Macaulay (and they are off to New Orleans in March).  

Congratulations to John Olsen and Don Lutz for winning the North American Pairs – Non-Life Master, also off to New Orleans.


More Congratulations to Grace Paterson and Jim Mathers for winning our 15 table Erin Berry Rookie/Master Game!!

queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

See what is attached – The November calendar and your copy of the latest Maritime Bridge Line.  Also the latest edition of the Canadian Bridge Federation “Bridge Canada” is available – go to www.cbf.ca  and click on the magazine

We have TWO special Charity Championship Games – Tuesday (4th) at 12:30 for the District 1 Charity Championship (for players with fewer than 500 mpts)  the second game is for players with fewer than 300 pts on Wednesday (5th) at 1:00.  Both games offer TRIPLE points!!

Wednesday (5th) [$6.00] 7:00 for the COPC club qualifier – TRIPLE points and they are ALL RED!!

Halifax Fall Sectional starts Friday at 1:30 – Mt. St. Vincent University – schedule and other details at http://www.unit194.org/Tournament_Descriptions/Sectional_Halifax_Nov.htm


For the students of the Game:

 §  Monday morning 9:30 – two different lesson classes.  Beginner Bridge – Bidding and responding to Major suit openers.  What to do on your SECOND bid.

 §  Also DEFENSE class – this week we see how to adjust our defense once the dummy is faced.  Most players do not take the time to plan and tend to help the declarer instead of helping themselves – attack or wait – this is what we will be looking at.  I have a very small class, so drop-ins are more than welcome. 9:30 Monday.

 §  Competitive Bidding on Tuesday at 9:30 – finishing up with “rest of the story” of Takeout doubles.

 §  The Magic of Taking Tricks – Last Class.  Jill will be doing a 4-week course on Tuesday mornings, beginning November 18th – Opening Leads Against No Trump.  Fabulous course!!  Just $50.00 including text.

     This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1D and your partner says “DOUBLE”, RHO passes.

What is your call holding:

S – Q 10 7

H – J 5

D – K J 7 4

C – K 9 6 4


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1S and your RHO overcalls 2H.  What is your call with:

S – K J 7 5

H – 9 7 3

D – Q J 6 4

C – A 4



The best bid here is to bid 3H  whether you are a beginner or a bit more advanced.  Your partner will understand that you have no desire to play in the opponent’s suit – it must mean something.  In this day and age, the bid of the opponent’s suit shows a limit raise or better.  With a minimum opening bid, partner will bid 3S.  It is often better to preserve bids to 3 or 4 spades for hands with more trumps and fewer points.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill  Halliday


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