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Tip of the Week:

Here is a little reminder for all of you that attended the Counting Boot Camp, and a message for the rest of you.  A Quote from Mike Lawrence  “You are in a suit contract.  When dummy comes down – you find yourself missing the A & K in a side suit.  If LHO did not lead the Ace or King, then LHO very probably – does not have both of them.”

cid:image001.png@01CFEBF3.E4476C20  Kudos & Congratulations:  Kudos to Marie Rose, Shirley McInnis and DeeDee Dyer – our  three flight B/C players to attend the Charlottetown tournament.  They all received a bit of silver and Marie event took home a bottle of prized wine.

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening at the Bridge  Studio this week:

This week we have Club Appreciation for all our new and intermediate players!!

J  Tuesday afternoon 12:30 there is a Club Appreciation game for players with fewer than 500 masterpoints.  We have some prizes – and extra masterpoints.

J  Wednesday – specials ALL DAY LONG!!  Morning – Club Appreciation1:00 (0-300 only) Club Appreciation and at 7:00 along with our $6.00 special we have another COPC RED point game.

J  Thursday – 7:00 Club Appreciation for all players with fewer than 750 masterpoints!!  At 6:45 – Kathie will be giving a 15 minute TIP on “Losing Trick Count” – when to apply it and why it is just a GUIDELINE!

J  Sunday – 0-1000 TEAM GAME – Club Appreciation Game offers a little bit of gold!! Come and play.  Need help with team or partner – contact Jill (jmariem@eastlink.ca)

J  Saturday  October 25th – Moncton - NAP-B (0-2500) Qualifiers listed at www.bridgestudio.org (click on NAP) – GOLD Points.  IMPORTANT – Start time is 10:30 AM.

cid:image003.png@01CFEBF3.E4476C20   For the Students of the Game:

Ψ  Thursday 7:00 – Defense with Steve – This class is about “Defensive Signalling” – a fun way to let partner know what to do next.

Ψ  Beginner Bridge Monday 9:30 & 7:00

Ψ  Competitive Bidding  - Tuesday 9:30

Ψ  Declarer Play – Tuesday  9:30

Ψ  Popular  Conventions – Wednesday 7:00 – Starting Chapter 3 – BIG Hands!!

cid:image004.jpg@01CFEBF3.E4476C20      This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You hold the following hand and open the bidding with 1NT

     S – A K 4 3

     H – 10 7

     D – K Q 8 4

     C – A 8 4

You are playing transfers.  LHO passes and your partner bids 2 Diamonds, and your RHO Doubles.  What is your call?


Solution to Last Weeks Quiz:

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1 Club.  What action do you take holding:

S – A J 10 2

H – Q 2

D – A J 10 9

C – Q 10 7



This hand was presented in the Master Solvers puzzle (Better Bridge #94) – and the only answer ALL the experts agreed was wrong was to DOUBLE.  Out of the 26 experts polled – 12 of them (including Alan Graves and Eric Kokish)  bid 1NT – explaining it was a little light but the A J 10 holdings were worth a point.  The only draw back was if West doubled from penalty – but then you were not vulnerable.  7 Experts elected to PASS – not needing to get into the auction immediately, and figured LHO would bid 1 H and now on your next bid it is an easy Double.  Other 7 experts thought to bid their 4-card suits (1D or 1S) but do so at your own risk – partner will expect a 5-card suit.   As long as you have a reason to back up your conviction – take whatever action you think necessary, if it backfires hope your partner has a good sense of humour.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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