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Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family from the Bridge Studio

Tip of  the Week:

Hand Valuation.   For responder it is a good rule of thumb to UPGRADE your hand if you hold 4-card trump support and a singleton or void outside.  The fourth trump is always valuable and even more if you have some shortness outside.  With 5 HCP, 4 card support and outside shortness – UPGRADE from minimum to medium.  With 8 HCP, 4 card trump support and outside shortness – UPGRADE from medium to maximum.  With 12+ HCP, 4 card trump support  and outside shortness – start thinking SLAM!  Lots of trumps and outside shortness – UPGRADE J

  Kudos & Congratulations – The Bridge Studio has big Kudos to Gary Brown for such an excellent Boot Camp on Saturday.  I am sure many of you had dreams of  dropping stiff Kings and doubleton Queens over Thanksgiving Weekend.  Thanks Gary!!


Good Luck to all you players heading to Moncton for the North American Pairs – District Finals.  Flight B 0-2500 only – to see if you qualified just check our web page.


queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio

We have Special Games ALL week long  - come for the game, come for the fun.

ͺ      Monday – Thanksgiving Day – (12:30) Club Appreciation Game – TRIPLE points and prizes for winners of each Stratum

ͺ      Tuesday - 7:00 – Club Appreciation Game  - MORE Triple Points – MORE prizes -- Come play on Tuesday night - this is an open game and one of  the best in Halifax.  All levels enjoy this stratified game.

ͺ      Wednesday  - 1:00 – Club Appreciation – for 0-300 only – TRIPLE your points and win a prize.

ͺ      Wednesday 7:00 – Canadian Open Pairs - not only TRIPLE points but half of them are RED.  All of this for just $6.00 per player

ͺ      Thursday 7:00 – Club Appreciation Game – for 0-750 only TRIPLE Points and Prizes.


Due to the success and ALL those gold points we handed out last Sunday we will be holding TWO more chances for GOLD.

Sunday October 26th - 12:30– limited to players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints


WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 29th  - 7:00 – this will be an “8 is Enough” game which will allow more masterpoints as it will be open! (details attached)

  For  the Students of the Game:

Monday Night – Just Play Bridge – We just play, we do keep score (and have chocolate for the winners) but there are NO Masterpoint awards, there is NO clock.  You can ask questions and one thing we all do is have a fun time playing OUR game – game time 7:00, Pearl of  Wisdom – 6:45.


The Great Defenders – Monday morning participants will be attending Thursday evening with Steve. Week 5 – Making a Defensive Plan.  Take a minute to think about the bidding, and look at the opening lead – there are hints there to help you PLAN some defensive strategies.  7:00 – This is a small class, drop ins are welcome.


Popular Conventions will move onto Bidding BIG hands – Wednesday 7:00 – if you are interested in joining in please let me know.


Please check website for other classes – as always, if you would like to join in one of these classes, please call the Studio – 902-446-3910

   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1 Club.  What action do you take holding:

S – A J 10 2

H – Q 2

D – A J 10 9

C – Q 10 7


Solution to last week’s Quiz:

This is the auction:

East     South(YOU)     West    North

1S          DBL               1NT      2D

2S           ??

What is your second call holding:


S – 5 4

H – A K 6 3

D – Q 9 5

C – A K J 2



You have enough strength to bid again, but raising with only 3-card support isn’t a great idea since partner may have only 4 diamonds. Double again – this shows extra values, and leaves the decision up to partner.  It is still a takeout double, but partner will know you do not have FOUR diamonds,  Partner may have a second suit to bid, or may elect to convert the take out double to a penalty double.

This quiz is compliments of Audrey Grant – the Audrey Grant interactive bridge column- Quiz #94


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions? Comments? Let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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