M C & G  Bridge Studio   5-Oct-2014

Tip of the Week:

Queens, Jacks and pre-emptive bids.  Be careful when you think it might be a good idea to raise partner’s pre-empt.  You might have just the hand that will already prevent the opponents from entering the auction.  Holding just 2 of partner’s trumps and outside honours, even Q J 10 6 in a suit, might be just enough for the opponents to go down if they bid.  Whereas those Queens and Jacks are likely little help for your side to win tricks.  Think about it – partner has ONE long suit and therefore shortness in the other suits, by the time your Queens and Jacks kick in, the opponents have already defeated your contract.  On the other side, the opponents are only losing 1 or 2 tricks in your suit, but with your Queens and Jacks, they will have trouble setting up their suits.

Kudos & Congratulations – Attached is a picture of  our new groom Michael Ross and his bridge Jennifer – congratulations (photo attached).  

Kudos to all the players that won some GOLD today in our Club Appreciation TEAM Game.  One more for under 1000 on Sunday October 26th and we are planning an OPEN game with a variety of players for Wednesday  October 29th – 7:00.  Get some gold!!


Tuesday October 28th  - 7:00    Mark your Calendar

Masters – 50 + MP ~~~  Rookies  fewer then 50 MP

This is the time to bring a friend – or for a ROOKIE to ask any Master to come and play with them.

Introduce  a  friend to duplicate, encourage a new player to get in the game.

Sign up at the Bridge Studio today J

queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening this week at  the Bridge Studio:

Club Appreciation Game – Wednesday Oct. 8th – 7:00.  This game offers TRIPLE black points – plus special TREATS for all players.  And PRIZES for  the winners  in each stratum.  All of this for just $6.00 on Wednesday nights.  Come and play for the FUN, come and play for the fun of the GAME.

Friday afternoon at 12:00 – come early for the game.  I have a special “Test Your Play” hand and a bridge tip to follow.  30 minute mini-lesson!!  Friday afternoon chocolate for all players and more for the winners.

For the Students of the game:

BOOT CAMP – Gary Brown from the Brown School of Bridge – Melbourne Australia will be presenting a Bridge Boot Camp on COUNTING.  Saturday October 11th from 9:30 am – 4:00.  There are only 6 seats  left.  Please confirm your attendance – local players may pre-pay the $40.00 fee, out of  towners, please respond to reconfirm your attendance. 

Defense – Monday morning @ 9:30 and Thursday @ 7:00.  This week we will be looking at 3rd hand play – drop ins welcome.

Other classes are in progress, if interested in attending mid-term please contact me  at – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

This week Bridge Quiz:

This is the auction:

East     South(YOU)     West    North

  1S          DBL              1NT      2D

  2S           ??

What is your second call holding:


S – 5 4

H – A K 6 3

D – Q 9 5

C – A K J 2


Solution to last week’s Quiz:

You hold:

S – K J 5 4

H – 10 9 8

D – A Q 8

C – K  J 3

The auction goes as follows:

North    East     South     West (you)

                          1NT      Pass

  2NT    Pass      3NT     All Pass


What  is your opening Lead?



Your  opponents have struggled to get to the game contract, you have 14 HCP and they have about 25/26.  This leaves at the most 1 point for partner.  If you lead a spade, diamond, or club you will likely help declarer --  Lead  the H – 10  This is a time to be passive and wait patiently for declarer to take the losing finesses.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions, comments?  Contact me – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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