M C & G  Bridge Studio   28-Sep-2014

Tip of the Week:

“Twisting the knife bid”.  Let us say that you have just heard partner make a pre-emptive bid, and look at a ton of trumps in your own hand, and typically some shortness in other suits.  Provided you think you will not go down any more that 2 or 3 tricks – RAISE partner’s opening bid – the opponents want to bid and you are just twisting the knife making it much more difficult for the opponents to find their best ‘makeable’ contract.  Partner must remember that you are  twisting the knife – NOT inviting partner to make another bid.

Congratulations & Kudos – Brian & Dodi came FIRST not once but twice in the pairs events this weekend.  Friday night flight ‘C’ and Saturday afternoon in B & C.  Well done!!  Bill has your prizes.  Congratulations to  Michael Ross and his bride-to-be Jennifer.  Their wedding is this coming Saturday!!  Best wishes to you both from all the players  at the  Bridge Studio.

acbllogo2color38thsinch.jpgHere is a link to the September 2014 Maritime Bridge Line.  <Click here>


Please find the October Bridge Studio calendar attached -- October is Club Appreciation month.  The Bridge Studio wants you to know how much we appreciate you – we have special treats and Prizes all our Club  Appreciation games this month.  Teams games have a smattering of GOLD points in them – First team game will be on SUNDAY OCTOBER 5th

Club  Appreciation Team Game

Sunday October 5th

12:30 – 4:30

4 rounds - 7 boards

5% GOLD points

The Bridge Studio would like to have TWO flights – we need 5 teams with players over 1000 masterpoints.

Flight A/X = 1000 ++  B = 1000 – 1750 team average; A = Open

Flight B,C, D – D = 0-200; C = 200 – 700; B = 700 – 1000 – team average

Treats & Prizes

queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening this week at The Bridge Studio:

Ψ  Just Play Bridge -- Monday at 7:00.  This is a FUN relaxed game – just perfect for those  who are new to the game or anyone just wanting a pleasant evening playing bridge.  $5.00 – NO Masterpoints – Chocolate for the winners.

Ψ  Tuesday Sept. 30th – 7:00 the last of our International fund game – BONUS Masterpoints $10.00

Ψ  Canadian Open Pairs Club game – TRIPLE points half REDWednesday October 1st 7:00 – Game fee $6.00

Ψ  Club Appreciation game – Thursday Oct. 2nd – 12:30 – TRIPLE points – black – PLUS winner prizes!!

  For the Students of the Game:

“The Great Defenders” – Remember – Monday morning class is cancelled due to Audrey Grant workshop Monday morning.  All students are asked to attend the class on Thursday at 7:00 with Steve.  Anyone wanting to join in, you are most welcome, but please let Kathie or Steve know – this week is 3rd Hand Play on the opening trick!!

Transfers – Join Kathie on Wednesday night at 7:00 and learn all about “Transfers” and how to get the most out of them.  Drop-ins welcome.

   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You hold:

S – K J 5 4

H – 10 9 8

D – A Q 8

C – K J 3

The auction goes as follows:

North    East     South     West (you)

                          1NT      Pass

  2NT    Pass      3NT      All Pass


What  is your opening Lead?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You open the bidding with 1NT and partner raises you to 3NT.  You must win 9 tricks, what is your declarer’s plan holding the following hand?


       North – dummy

       S – Q 7 4

       H – A K 10

       D – 6 4 3 2

       C – J 10 9



       South  - you

       S – A K 3

       H – 9 4 2

       D – A K Q

       C – 8 4 3 2



This hand is back to the basics –Count your Tricks!  As declarer you have 8 tricks for sure.  Needing one more where can you turn – some players might try for an extra trick in Diamonds, hoping they break 3-3, when in fact the odds of that about 36% - more likely to be 4-2.  But the promotion of the CLUB is 100%.  Win the first trick and play a club, win the return and play a club, win the fifth trick then win the seventh trick and enjoy your C-8!! 


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday




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