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Tip of  the Week:

Having “Bonuses”.  When wondering whether or not you should raise partner’s weak-two opening bid  - look for bonuses.  Partner is planning on going down 2 if you are broke – so first you need to have TWO tricks to make the contract.  Then – if you want to bid higher – you will need those tricks added to your quota.  Most often Queens & Jacks will not cut it  - the bonuses  are – extra trumps, outside Aces & Kings or singletons/voids!!  If you are competing for game - you need bonuses.

Kudos of the Week – Jill, Nancy, Steve, Bev, Carol and Doug.  These are our bridge instructors who started teaching classes last week.  All ACBL trained, very capable and FUN instructors.  It is not too late to join in a class.  The Bridge Studio is grateful to have such interesting teachers.


Monday September 29th is the Audrey Grant workshop

If you have not paid your fee yet, please turn it in to me or Jill this week.

Monday afternoon DUPLICATE bridge game on the 29th will begin at 12:45

This is to give time to organize the club after the Bridge Workshop.

queen with wink colour.jpgWhat  is happening THIS week at the Bridge Studio:

THIS Monday at 12:30 is an International Fund Game – remember TRIPLE points and NO extra charge

Wednesday (24th) at 7:00 – another International Fund Game – TRIPLE points for only $6.00.  This has proven to be a very nice game and we are happy to see such a diverse field.  Come and play!

Yes – there is a Game on Friday Sept. 26th at 12:30.  The Valley tournament will begin at 1:30 pm, Friday but if you are staying in town, the Bridge Studio will be open for a game.

For the Students  of the Game:

Ψ  Beginner Bridge – Monday morning at 9:30 and Monday evening at 7:00.  Just completed the first class, so it is not too late to start the course.  Both classes are very small, so now is the time to join in.


Ψ  Beginner plus – Competitive Bidding – Tuesday 9:30 – this week – pre-emptive bidding


Ψ  Popular Conventions – Wednesday 7:00.  The Stayman Convention – there is more to this convention than you think – this week covers the “rest of the story”


Ψ  Intermediate/Advancing – Declarer Play Learning how to be a Magician at the table – taking tricks -- Tuesday 9:30


Ψ  Intermediate/Advancing -  Defense – Monday 9:30am / Thursday 7:00pm Lots of room for more – this week we will be looking at OPENING LEADS. Drops in welcome.

   This  week’s Bridge Quiz:

You open the bidding with 1NT and partner raises you to 3NT.  You must win 9 tricks, what is your declarer’s plan holding the following hand?


       North – dummy

       S – Q 7 4

       H – A K 10

       D – 6 4 3 2

       C – J 10 9



       South  - you

       S – A K 3

       H – 9 4 2

       D – A K Q

       C – 8 4 3 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You, sitting South, have the following hand:

S – 3

H – A 8 6 5

D – A Q 9 6 3

C – 9 6 2

As dealer you Pass – here is the auction:

South       West       North       East

Pass       Pass        1H        Pass

   ?  - What call are you going to take with this hand??



Here are your choices:

3D – A jump bid – is it forcing with hearts, or pre-emptive in Diamonds?

2D – shows Diamonds – but unless agreed to partner it is a NON-forcing Bid by a passed hand responder and can be passed by Opener? check with partner

2C – The Drury Convention – Fine – Only if it is your PARTNERSHIP agreement.

2S – Splinter – another fine convention – but is it your agreement?

4H – Pre-emptive – will get you to game, but let’s hope you do not miss slam.

Situations like this are awkward and ALL of the above answers could be CORRECT – but you have to have an agreement with your partner!!


See you  at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday

Questions / Comments – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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