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Tip of the Week:

Bridge is back in full swing and tournament season is about to begin.  Invite your partner out for coffee and talk about your “agreements” – not necessarily your conventions (but agree on those) and how you plan to deal with some situations.  Would partner ever raise your second bid suit with just three cards?  Do you lead “Top of Nothing” whether or not you have supported partner’s suit, or if it is an unbid suit?  There are so many things in these past bridge tips that are not conventions but partnership agreements.  So many errors at the bridge table can be avoided if the partnership knew what the other was doing!  Just learn to agree!!

This week we send Kudos to – The many new players who came and played on Wednesday night – it made for a wonderful diverse field – Kudos to Carolyn Courteen & Donna Richardson as well as David and Linda Stewart who placed in the points.  The game was well run, professional and quiet.  This week we will still have a $6.00 game as it is an International Fund game - see you all there!!

queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

Bridge Lessons

DEFENSE – Our ever popular “Great Defenders” will begin MONDAY morning at 9:30 (Kathie) and THURSDAY evening 7:00 (Steve Anderson).  If you  have never taken this course – you should well consider it.  The materials for this course were created by Jill through observation, research and expertise.  We know what can go wrong, and this course will let you see through it.  Defense is not full of ‘conventions’ but good logic and how to ‘see through  the cards’.  Still not sure - come to the first class and see if you like it.


Other  courses we have to offer:

BEGINNER BRIDGE – Monday 9:30 (Carol Hamilton) & Monday 7:00 (Bev McDonald)  A basic Bridge Introduction


COMPETITIVE BIDDING – Tuesday 9:30 – (originally scheduled  for Wednesday at 1:00 – please note change) – (Doug Hamilton) Learning to compete in the auction – the second in the A. Grant Basic Bridge Series


DECLARER PLAY – Tuesday 9:30 – (Jill)  Declarer Magic – How to take more tricks


POPULAR CONVENTIONS – Wednesday 7:00 – (Nancy Fraser)  Stayman, Transfers, Blackwood and Strong hands – the third in the A. Grant basic bridge series.



Wednesday (17th) 7:00 International Fund Game – TRIPLE points – stratified and just  $6.00

Friday (19th) 12:30 – International Fund Game  - TRIPLE points  - regular  price - $10.00 – If this is your FIFTH game this week it is FREE!!

Sunday (21st) Up  the Ranks TEAM game – This is SPECIAL Grand National Teams Club (flight C only 0-1000) event and TRIPLE points!!  Also a chance to qualify for the NEW special event in the Spring  - GNT District 1 finals – and there will be  some GOLD in those hills!!  12:30.  Need partner? Team mates – contact Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca

http://www.bridgestudio.org/Static/Weekly_Emails/2014/09_September/2014_03.jpgThis Week’s Bridge Quiz:


You, sitting South, have the following hand:

S – 3

H – A 8 6 5

D – A Q 9 6 3

C – 9 6 2

As dealer you Pass – here is the auction:


South       West       North       East

Pass            Pass           1H            Pass

   ?  - What call are you going to take with this hand??


Solution to  Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1NT.

What is your call holding:

S – K 10 4

H – 3

D – K Q J 9 6 5 3

C – A Q



Bid 4C – Gerber – Ace asking.  You have a powerful hand and 12 tricks is very likely.  You want to know how many Aces partner has.  If partner answers 4 Hearts (showing 1 Ace) you can sign off in 5 Diamonds.  If partner answers 4 spades (showing 2 Aces) or 4 NoTrump (3 Aces) you can bid a small slam in Diamonds.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday

Questions?  Comments?  Contact me -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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