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Tip of the Week:

Pre-emptive bids can be constructive for a partnership as it lets partner know early what your hand looks like – a hand with fewer than opening points and a long suit. If the pre-emptive suit is a major suit – it is usually best to play in the major.  If the pre-emptive suit is a minor – tread carefully. It is seldom correct to try 3NT – many try it, but it seldom works.

  Kudos this week go to  -- the NEW team on the block – Joanne Belanger, Russell Stacey, Fran MacCormack and Bill Waters.  Placing 1st in B & C and 2nd overall in last Saturday’s “Up the Ranks” Team Game – well done!!

--- A special note – I have recently  received  word that one of our bridge  players, Peter Van der Borsch, is now in palliative  care.  He has family at his side.

What is happening this week at the Bridge  Studio:

Wednesday  August 27th


Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity  Club  Championship

Again, we  are unsure if Balon be will be able  to come an play – but  I will give him a call!!

This game is a thank you to the guy that was instrumental in the inception of MCG Bridge Studio

TRIPLE points  - and some cake

This game will continue with our 2 for 1 program.

North American Pairs  - only TWO more  chances left to qualify – Monday (25th) at 12:30 and “Last Chance” game Friday (29th) at 12:30  - our  webmaster will have a full  list  of qualifiers available  at www.bridgestudio.org   Remember you cannot play in the District Finals unless you qualify!!

Club Championship  game – Thursday (28th) 12:30  -- Prizes for winners  in each strat!! 


Come for the Fun

Saturday  August 30th – 12:30

Signup sheet at the Studio

Stratified by team average

Good times and fun times - come and play

Need help getting a team – call me (443-4676) and I will get you a partner – and a team!

Just $10.00 per player – And I am going contribute some baked goods J

This  week’s bridge Quiz:

Here is your hand:

    S – A 3 2

    H – 5

    D – A 2

    C – A K Q 9 8 7 6

You open the bidding with 1C (that was easy), LHO passes, and partner bids 1H, RHO passes.  What is your rebid?


Solution to  Last  Week’s Quiz:

Opening the bidding – you hold:

    S – K Q 8

    H – A J

    D – K J 9 7 5

    C – K 10 6



You have LOTS of  good intermediate cards, an opening bid of 1NT covers the 17HCP but this hand great potential.  Open 1D with a plan to rebid 2NT!  You must admit this hand looks more like 18 points than 17.  I bet you even counted this hand twice J


See  you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday



MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160, Halifax, NS

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