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Tip of the Week:

Picking your best lie!!  Sometimes you cannot find the best bid for your hand and must tell a little white lie.  You may have three choices – lying about your point count, lying about a major suit, or lying about a minor suit.  Lie about the minor – this isn’t even close – lying about a minor rarely gets you into trouble – lying about your point count or your major suit – often goes awry.

Kudos & Thanks from Kathie – Thanks to Bill and Jill who held the fort while I was in Edmonton!!  And Kudos to my team – Marilyn Bennett, Brenda Woodman and Liz Legacy  - we won the BRONZE in Edmonton.  Even though we lost the finals against the Canadian Champs (the Cimon Team) by 94 victory points (after 60 boards), we did notice our improvement after the first round.  We not only played UP- we had fun!!  Thanks team.

**Placing Nationally for the July 31st Inter-Club Championship – Hazel Harlow & John Ayer and Bill Halliday & Bill Cruden!!

            Link for the 31-July Inter Club Championship Results

What is happening at the Bridge Studio  this week – 

 à CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPs – 0-500 only, Tuesday at 12:30 – 0-7500 only, Thursday 7:00!!   Win your chocolate – have some fun!!


à INTERCLUB CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – 0-299er ONLY – Wednesday at 1:00 – Be added to the list of players from across the ACBL for extra masterpoints and nation wide notoriety.


 à NORTH AMERICAN PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP – getting close to the end of the month  - TWO games  this week – Wednesday at 7:00 and have fun THIS Saturday (23rd) at 12:30.  Only one week left to qualify for the District finals in October/November.


à Monday evening “Just Play Bridge” – NO duplicate experience necessary – just sit, and play and enjoy the company - don’t forget to come early to hear Liz’s  “Pearl of Wisdom” – game time 7:00.

This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Opening the bidding – you hold:

S – K Q 8

H – A J

D – K J 9 7 5

C – K Q 6


What is your bid?


Solution to Last  Weeks Quiz:

It’s your lead!  After listening to the following auction:


   North    East    South     West (you)

                             1NT      Pass

     4NT   pass       6NT      All Pass


YOU (sitting West) are on lead, here is your hand:

S – K J 5 4 3

H – K 9 8

D – 6 5 4

C – 4 3

What is your Lead??



The opponents have shown two BALANCED hands and bid slam based on the  High Card Points, which is about 32/33.  YOU have 7 HCP – what does partner have?  You leading away from either major suit with an honour may be a disaster, do not help declarer.  A low diamond will likely not give anything away, and will preserve your high cards for the finesses that declarer will have to take.  From John Rayner, Mississauga Ont.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday



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