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Tip of Week:

How low should you go?  Opening 12 points hands – yes, a little on the aggressive side, but tends to be the trend these days.  You cause more problems for the opponents if you open the bidding, but remember to get out of the auction if your partner does not force you to bid.  11 point hands – usually these consist of 6-card suits – adding 2 length points here.  10 HCP only if very distributional – two suited hands, these are goldmines if partner has a fit for one of the suits.  It is very helpful to have your high card values in your TWO suits.  Continue bidding with a fit, and get out when there is no fit!  Try some aggressive bidding for a month or two and see how you like it.  You can always go back to letting your opponents steal your bid and pre-empt your unmercifully!

MC900078795[1]Kudos of the Week – Welcome back Hazel -- glad to see you looking so well!   AND….Good Luck to Ethan Macaulay, Victor Lamoureux and Bob Feng – Ethan is on the Canadian Junior Team, Victor and Bob on the Canadian Youth team – off to Istanbul, Turkey for the WORLD JUNIOR TEAMS.  You can all follow their progress on the CBF web site  -- www.cbf.ca.  Can you imagine in Canada we have about 20 players under 26 – and we choose 12 of them to represent Canada --- know any kids who would like to travel the world, play some bridge and have an interesting life – call me!!  Kathie, Elizabeth Legacy along with Brenda Woodman and Marilyn Bennett ( from St. John’s Nfld ) are off to Edmonton this week to play in the CWTC finals starting this Monday.

MC900433900[1]What is happening at  the Bridge Studio THIS week –

2 for 1 Wednesday continues – This week is a CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – more than DOUBLE masterpoints – Stratified, and yes, we have treats and an incredibly good time!! Wednesday at 7:00


Tuesday at 7:00 – North American Pairs- Club Qualifier.  Getting down to the nitty-gritty only a few more chances to qualify.  This Tuesday game is the most diverse game in town.  Come an qualify – extra masterpoints for overall awards.


More N.A.P. Qualifiers – Wednesday MORNING – 9:30 am and another one on Thursday at 12:30.  The Bridge Studio has only 4 more qualifying games - - -  be sure to qualify or you CANNOT play in the district finals at the end of October/first weekend in November!!  There is a subsidized trip to New Orleans for a prize J

MC900432477[1]UP THE RANKS – 0-1000 players.  Our monthly team just for players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints.  If needed, Jill can find partners or team mates.  Just email her – jmariem@eastlink.ca. This is a FUN professionally run, but relaxed bridge game – all players have a GOOD time!

---For the Students of the Game:

This week Jill with be exploring more on what to do with lots of HCP after a Stayman auction or a Transfer—taking out the confusion.

Don’t forget – JUST PLAY BRIDGE – Monday at 7:00 (Pearl of Wisdom – 6:45). A chance to just play and have some fun – come along  -- free play  for your FIRST game!

Lessons – Lessons – and more.  I am currently putting together the schedule for the fall lesson series - any suggestions?  Class series?  One day workshop?  Different format?  What do you want instruction on?  Who is your favourite teacher?  Let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca  give me some ideas of  what you are looking at for classes this Fall.   


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

It’s your lead, another John Rayner Special!  After listening to the following auction:

   North    East    South     West (you)

                             1NT      Pass

     4NT     pass     6NT      All Pass


YOU (sitting West) are on lead, here is your hand:

S – K J 5 4 3

H – K 9 8

D – 6 5 4

C – 4 3

What is your Lead??


Solution to last Week’s Quiz:

Baring in mind LAST WEEK’S “Tip of the Week” what would you OPEN the bidding with holding the following:

S – A Q 4

H – K 5

D – J 9 8 6 5 2

C – A Q



With this semi-balanced hand 1NT outshines all other options.  If you open 1 D – your have terrible rebid problem.  1 NT will likely land you in a perfect 3NT contract and you  can think about how brilliant you were later.  If something goes awry and you might have to lay your hand down as dummy, simply toss one of the diamonds into the hearts and feign bad eye-sight.



Kathie Macnab Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160

Halifax, NS






Kathie Macnab Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160

Halifax, NS





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