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Tip of the week:

Sometimes opening the bidding calls for a little judgment and not “All by the Book”.  If you plan your second bid (Ask Jerry) before you make your first you may well prevent a later problem.  As the opening bidder, if you consider some of your  rebid problems you might run into with the textbook opening bid, you might consider alternatives to alleviate rebid issues.  So be a thoughtful bidder and plan ahead.

Kudos of the Week - #1 – Hazel is up and at ‘em already, home on Monday and feeling pretty good.  Thank you to everyone who sent along good  wishes, I am sure that helped her healing.  #2 – Liz Legacy recognized by TDs for friendliness & fair play on BBO (see page 31 of August ACBL Bridge Bulletin).

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening THIS week at The Bridge Studio.

 J  Monday is Natal Day and to celebrate we have a Club Championship – with prizes and masterpoints!  12:30


 J  For players with fewer than 300 Masterpoint – Club ChampionshipWednesday at 1:00 – more prizes, more points!!  Always friendly, always fun.


 J  NORTH AMERICAN PAIRS – Club round -  Wednesday 7:00– remember ˝ red  and ˝ black, with triple masterpoints.  Still 2 for 1 Wednesday for the month of August, 2 games for the price of 1.  We will have some treats and as always a wonderful game of bridge with our  terrific  director – this week – Gerardo J


 J  NORTH AMERICAN PAIRS - Club Qualifiers – triple points- ˝ red / ˝ black – Friday 12:30.

All games this week are $10.00.   Don’t forget you can purchase a “Players Card” $100.00 for ELEVEN games.  Played all week?? Want  a bonus – play  4 games during the week (Monday-Friday) and your 5th game is “On the House!”.

August “Up the Ranks” 0-1000 team game – SUNDAY August 17th – 12:30.  4 rounds of 7 boards.  Lots of food and fun.  Need partner/team mate – contact Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca


For the  Students of the game:

---- Come and play – For all you students from our 2013/14 lesson series come and practice what you have learnt.  A very relaxed non-sanctioned game on Monday at 7:00.  Listen to some “Pearls of Wisdom” at 6:45 and then play.  12 – 15 hands 7:00 – 9:15.  Winners get chocolate!!  Ask questions, change your lead, and get your game on!! 


Summer brush up – All about No Trump

Tuesday 9:30 am – join Jill as this week she explores Bidding Slams in NoTrump - an invitation and an ace asking sequence – there is a different approach for each!  

artwork4.jpgThis weeks  Bridge Quiz:

Baring in mind the “Tip of the Week” what would you OPEN the bidding with holding the following:

    S – A Q 4

    H – K 5

    D – J 9 8 6 5 2

    C – A Q

Solution to Last  Week’s Quiz:

Thank you to  Mr. John Rayner for last week’s quiz:

You are sitting SOUTH and EAST (your Right Hand Opponent) opens the bidding with 1H!  You have a great hand and overcall 4 Spades!  West (your Left Hand Opponent) leads the H – 2.  Plan your play:

          North (dummy)

          S – 7 5

          H – K 8 6 5 3

          D – J 4

          C – A J 9 4

West                          East

H – 2 (Lead)


               South (declarer – YOU)

         S – K Q J 10 9 8 3

         H – A J

         D – Q 10 9 8

         C – void



You see the 5 hearts in dummy – and realize that East has 5 hearts, and you have 2 (5+5+2=12) therefore the H-2 from West is a singleton!  East must hold the S-A just to have enough points to bid.  If you were to let the heart go to your A & J, a free finesse, you KNOW that East will win the S-A and give his partner a ruff.  Instead – win the H-K in dummy, then play the C-A discarding your losing H-A.  Now you just lose 1 spade and 2 diamond tricks to fulfill your contract.  You might notice that you will lose two diamond tricks anyway, so do not get mesmerized by the “what appears to be” a helpful lead.  Just COUNT your tricks (& losers)


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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