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Tip of the  Week:

The ABTA conference was once again graced with Jerry Helms sharing some new hands and new tips.  One of Jerry old favourites is “Look for reasons to bid before finding excuses to pass”, and this year he added a line from Mike LawrenceExperience has shown that active players get better results than passive players”.


Upon our return Bill and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Marie Peacock.  A woman full of grace, not only at the bridge table but with everyone she met.  Services for Marie will be held in Sydney, Cape Breton.  Condolences can be made by visiting: www.twcurry.com  Donations can also be made to the Marie Peacock Bursary at NSCAD.  Bill and I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Marie’s family and friends.  She will be sadly missed from our bridge tables and lives.


Kudos of  the  Week:  To the Lamoureux kids!!  Victor, Vivian, and V.J. all attended the Youth NABC and had several successes!!  Victor played in Youth events and had success in some of the OPEN events at the Nationals.  Vivian and V.J. each won trophies for placing in the ‘Cardrook’ pairs.  All of the youth participating in the Youth NABCs had a marvellous time and enriched their lives not only with playing a great game but with the many friends they have made over the years. Our youth bridge is  growing – but not sadly not at the same rate as China where 200 million students learn bridge in school.


*******Also a thanks to Jill for keeping the Studio running smoothly while Bill & I were away J

What is happening at the Bridge Studio THIS week --

Club Championship Game – Wednesday (30th) 7:00 – 2 for 1 Wednesday night – bonus masterpoints and PRIZES for winners in each STRAT.

N.A.P. 0-500 Non-Life Masters Club game (RED / Black points).  Tuesday (29th) 12:30.  Not  only an opportunity to win RED points but another chance to qualify for the District finals November 2nd (at the Bridge Studio) – remember you have to qualify before August 31st in order to play in November.

Inter-Club Championship – Thursday (31st) at 12:30.  NO extra charge for you, and club masterpoints are simply CC rating, BUT you have an opportunity  to place in the overalls of the ACBL players - and then you win MEGA points!!


For the students of the game:

I am so excited with the new books, material and ideas I have come away with in Las Vegas.  The Teacher’s Conference has given me a boost of energy.  I can hardly wait to share them with you all.  I have lots of intermediate lessons and ideas, and I have a NEW book from Patty Tucker with come cool “advancing” information for Strong hands and Slam bidding, including Cuebidding Controls, Roman Key Card Blackwood (showing specific kings), Serious 3NT and some Kickback Keycard.  Hoping to do a workshop in the fall.  I am also helping on perfecting a student guide and teacher’s manual for the School Bridge Program.  AND I have found another GOLD point event – the Grand National Teams.  It is all so exciting.  We did not win many masterpoints [11.81 only] But 1.21 were platinum points, and the  competition. . . . priceless!


Monday – Just Play Bridge Group – I have some great basic bidding tips and quizzes that I will be sharing with Liz for your Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45 Monday.  REMEMBER – this game is specially designed for all former students, new to duplicate, and just a night out to Play the Game!!  Come and play Mondays at 7:00 – it is a relaxed and fun way to enjoy a game of bridge – just $5.00.


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Today’s quiz comes to you courtesy of Mr. John Rayner – club manager in Mississauga Ontario, and one of Canada’s finest players.  John was one of our guest speakers at the Teacher’s Conference.

You are sitting SOUTH and EAST (your Right Hand Opponent) opens the bidding with 1H!  You have a great hand and overcall 4 Spades!  West (your Left Hand Opponent) leads the H – 2.  Plan your play:


          North (dummy)

          S – 7 5

          H – K 8 6 5 3

          D – J 4

          C – A J 9 4

West                          East

H – 2 (Lead)                     East is the dealer and opened the bidding with 1 heart


            South (declarer – YOU)

         S – K Q J 10 9 8 3

         H – A J

         D – Q 10 9 8

         C – void


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You open the bidding with 2 Diamonds holding:

S – K 5 3

H – 6 5

D – A J 10 9 6 3

C – 10 4


Your partner responds with 2 Hearts. What is your rebid?


Bid 2 SpadesYour partner has a big hand and is looking for support for hearts – either 3 little hearts or a doubleton honor (which you had last week).  This time you have no support for partner’s hearts so you will show a feature by bidding spades, partner knows that you have either the S-A or S-Kx.  Partner is now in control and wants a further description of YOUR hand.  In general MOST partnerships play a NEW suit by responder as a FORCING bid, therefore as opener you MUST make a descriptive call, support with support, show a feature, and if just your initial suit bid – repeat your suit.


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