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Tip of the Week:

Hand evaluation is ongoing – keep rethinking what you hold, especially  with singletons or voids.  If your shortness is partner’s length, your hand loses value.  If you have support PLUS shortness, your hand increases in value.  Your hand could easily get better and it could get worse – keep looking!

Kudos – North American Pair Qualifiers – there are lots of you J J -- only until the end of August – be  sure to qualify, you do not want to be left out of the District Finals Oct. 25 (flight B – 0-2500) , Nov. 1 (flight A – Open) , and Nov. 2 (flight C – 0-500 NLM).   Each club game has RED points and at the finals – there is some GOLD!!

I am off to Las Vegas  EARLY Monday Morning – ABTA teachers conference!! Yea!  Bill is joining me on Thursday – Bill will be sending out NEXT week’s email on Thursday (17th) and then I will send the Sunday 27th email on the 28th!!  That is when we are BACK!  Wish us luck we plan to play in National events  -- which means great competition, but unlikely not very many masterpoints!!  Oh well, I keep saying “Play UP!”

This week at the Bridge Studio – Quiet Week – come and play some bridge J

Just Play Bridge is back in full swing – Monday at 7:00.  A very relaxed game, open to anyone.  Students get a chance to ask for help, even though there are NO Masterpoints available  - we have PRIZES for the winners.

-- Wednesday is 2 for 1 at 7:00 --  Lucky Score for just 50 cents each and the pot is over $130.00

-- North American pairs – this week’s game is Thursday at 12:30.  Stratifications are: A = open; B = 0-2500 & C – 0-500 Non-Life Masters only!

-- Summer Celebration – Club Championship Game – Friday 12:30PM


Just a note to  let you know of the support from the MCG Bridge Studio and our community.


·         The “Just for Guys” bridge game held on May 24th donated $250.00 to the Nova Scotia Liver Foundation in memory of Darryl Pistone, Bill Marshall, and Patrick Barry.

·         On May 4th – Nancy Fraser spearheaded the “Bridge Studio  Aces” in our annual Walk for Memories and raised $6,608.00 for the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Association.

·         June 21st was the Longest Day event – and the MCG Bridge Studio  sent in playing fees & donations that will all go  to  the Alzheimer Society of Canada and in turn to the Alzheimer Society NS for a total of  $2,100.00


Our next project – The Alzheimer Society – Duck Derby.  Join Bill and I on the Sunday September 21st at Bishop’s Landing for the race.  It is always a fun day!!

This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You open the bidding with 2 Diamonds holding:

    S -  6 5 3

    H – K 6

    D – A J 10 9 6 3

    C – 10 4


Your partner responds with 2 Hearts.  What is your rebid?


Solution to last week’s Quiz:

Partner opens the bidding with 1S and your Right Hand Opponent overcalls 1NT

What is your call holding:

    S – 10 6

    H – K J 9 4

    D – A J 7 5 3

    C – J 10


DOUBLEYou have them outgunned.  You should be able to defeat 1NT easily.  If you bid 2 diamonds, you are showing fewer than 8 HCP with at least 5 diamonds, usually 6.

After partner opens the bidding and the next player overcalls 1NT to show the strength of an opening 1NT bid, double for penalty if you have 8+ or more HCP.  Bidding a suit denies the strength to double.


Have fun at the  tables, I will be missing you this week.

Kathie & Bill Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160, Halifax, NS

902-446-3910   www.bridgestudio.org


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