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Tip  of the Week:

A take out double by a passed hand shows 9-11 HCP with shortness in the opener’s suit.  If the opponents have bid two suits, the double promises at least four card support for both unbid suits.

Congratulations to OUR new Life Masters – Alan McMillan, Sandra MacPherson, Diane Livingston, Julianna Gabor, Bob Calavecchia, and Lise Brennan.  The first cake will be tomorrow (Monday) and I will have to find out a good time for more CAKE!

Kudos to the Can-At committee – you did a fantastic job!  Michael Cobden out did himself with the Daily Bulletin, and partnerships did a great job keeping everyone playing and happy!! For anyone who from time to time was looking for a partner, you had no need to worry as Linda and Diane did some thoughtful matching. Thank you all for a job well done.

Now time to go back to our normal Club Games, not only do you want the comfort of your own club, I am sure you all have some tournament stories to share.  So what is happening this week:

Tuesday 7:00 – Club Championship game – Celebrating all the NEW Life Masters – cake and all!!

North American Pairs Club qualifier – Wednesday (9th) 7:00 and Thursday (10th) 12:30 – red points and TRIPLE points

ACBL wide International Fund Game Friday (11th) at 12:30. Special Hand Analysis ½ red ½ black – TRIPLE points.  ($11.00)


For the Students of the Game:

Ψ  Pass it along – Audrey Grant is coming to town!  Monday September 29 and will be presenting a morning workshop.  See Attached!!

Ψ  No Trump  Series – Tuesday at 9:30 am –This Week: Creative options and adaptation to the Stayman Convention- uncovering some secrets from the experts.


This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

 Partner opens the bidding with 1S and your Right Hand Opponent overcalls 1NT

What is your call holding:

S – 10 6

H – K J 9 4

D – A J 7 5 3

C – J 10


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Partner opens the bidding with 1NoTrump and you hold:

S – K J

H – Q J 10

D – A 9 6 3

C – K Q 10 6


What is your call?



4NT.  4NT is NOT asking for Aces!!!  4NT is an invitational bid – Invitational to SLAM.  Just as an auction of 1NT – 2NT is an invitation to game – 1NT – 4NT is an invitation to slam.  Partner will pass 4NT with any 15 point hand, or 16 HCP and 4-3-3-3 distribution.  All other hands partner should accept the slam invitation.



Kathie & Bill Halliday


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