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Tip of the Week:

#6 –  Play Bridge like a Pro – even if you are not one!!  Getting ready for the Can-At

Just go and play!!  Everyone should at least drop in to a Regional Tournament.  It is amazing to see the sea of people at the tables.  There are experts from all over North America, and even one from Australia, at our Regional Tournament.  Many of the experts will be taking some time to offer a bridge TIP for you in person – free of charge most often Great Advice. 


When you go to a table – you have no need to explain to everyone that this is our first tournament and you are such a beginner. You can greet your opponents, welcome them to Halifax, offer some restaurant or tourist advice – briefly.  Sit down, take out your cards and fan out your hand.  Develop a routine!!  If you are the dummy – lay your cards down without comment then put the contract into your convention card.  As declarer, ALWAYS take a second to review the dummy – and ALWAYS thank your partner.  Form your plan and go to work.  A “little fake it till you make it” never hurts.  Even experts can screw up, they just go on to the next hand!!  Don’t fret – enjoy the experience.  Tournaments have so much to offer, new faces, new experiences – ENJOY.


The Bridge Studio is closed for duplicate from June 30th – July 5th for the Canadian Atlantic Regional Tournament.  Practice Play on Thursday and Friday morning is still on!!


Hoping to see you all at the tournament – it is looking like it will be a fantastic event!!  Bridge Tips will be offered every day at about 15 or 20 minutes before the afternoon session (1:00) and before the evening session (7:30).

Up close and personal – be sure to drop into the hospitality suite (The Victoria Suite) after the evening sessions – The Hospitality Committee has special food lined up every night – and this is a chance to meet some of our world class players that will be attending the tournament.  Have a  beer ($3.) or wine ($5.).  The conversations are always inspiring – and the company . . . terrific!!


Tuesday July 8th at the Bridge Studio – A regular 0-500 game at 12:30 and a Club Championship game and Celebration at 7:00!!  I am sure SOMEONE will become a life master this week and we will have Cake and Celebrate!! – Prizes for the evening winners of this Club Championship Game!!


For the Students of the Game:

Brush up on your NoTrump knowledge – Jill has a special class she will be holding over the summer just on NoTrump!!  On July 8th – Jill will be looking ‘in depth’ at the Stayman Convention – it is amazing the stuff you can do with a Convention you REALLY understand!!


This week’s Quiz:  

Partner opens the bidding with 1NoTrump and you hold:

S – K J

H – Q J 10

D – A 9 6 3

C – K Q 10 6

What is your call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:


   Opening Lead:


                                 East (RHO)

                                 S – K Q 10 7

                                 H – A K J 10 6

                                 D – 10 7

                                 C – A Q

  South (YOU)

  S -  A 2

  H – 7

  D – A 9 5 3 2

  C – J 8 6 3 2


East (RHO) opened 1H, you pass, and West (LHO) bids 1S, pass by partner, and East leaps to 4S.

Your partner is on lead and starts with the D-K Plan your Defense.  What are you playing at trick #1, and trick #2?  What about Trick #3 and trick #4.  Thinking this far ahead is a real asset.



Trick #1 – Partner leads the D-K which by positive inference he has the DQ!  You want to OVERTAKE the D-K with your D-A – taking control of the hand.  [1 trick your side]

Trick #2 – it is safe to play your SINGLETON H-7 as you have Control of the Trump suit the S-A.  Lead the H-7.  Declarer will win in dummy.

Trick #3 – Declarer plays a trump from dummy.  This is NOT the time for second hand low – GRAB your S-A - - -stay in control.  [2 tricks for your side]

Trick # 4 – NOW play your D-9, and hope that it makes it over to your partner’s D-Q- it does they win [ 3 tricks for your side].

Trick #5 – time for partner to think about WHY did you lead that heart into the jaws of the good suit – the light goes on and he realized you MUST have had a singleton – he returns the heart and YOU win [ 4 tricks for your side ] and the contract is defeated.   WELL DONE!


See you at the tourney!

Kathie & Bill Halliday



MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160

Halifax, NS





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