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Tip of the Week:

Play Bridge like a Pro – even if you are not one!!  Getting ready for the Can-At

#5 – CONVENTIONS.  Novice players think that knowing lots of “Conventions” is the key to good bridge. . . one of bridge’s biggest myths.  Having good agreements, learning good declarer play technique and learning how to solve defensive problems makes good bridge NOT by having lots of Conventions.  As a matter of fact there are more hands lost by misused conventions than for any other reason.  Most ‘Conventions’ were implemented from expert players that had a problem with a bidding situation and they created a ‘Convention’ to solve that problem.  The ‘Conventions’ get published and everyone jumps on the bandwagon with an “I have to play that” and the majority of the players that adopt a ‘Convention’ really do not know the FULL purpose let along meaning of the ‘convention’.  As well, it is important to know that to add a convention to your repertoire will eliminate some other treatment.  Even adding Stayman means you cannot ever play a contract in 2 Clubs, when 2 clubs may be the only makeable contract.  You might miss a 4-4 major suit fit, but then you might well have made 3NT anyway, if you did not know Stayman, could you play with out it?  If you really want to add a ‘Convention’ be sure to learn all about it and most of all know WHY you are playing it.

This weeks KUDOS – Everyone that participated in our LONGEST DAY EVENTWe did it CONGRATULATIONS!!  $2,000.00 will be donated to The Alzheimer Society!!  Between the games, the lessons, the lucky draw  and a couple of generous donations we have made  our goal!!  Thank you everyone for making the day a real success.  As a note between Nancy our A-Team Captain for the Walk for Memories and your efforts on Saturday the Bridge Studio has been able to contribute OVER $8,600.00 to Alzheimer’s for research and assistance to caregivers!!  It makes me so proud to know that we can do so much for our community – THANK YOU!!       83 ½ tables for the Day!! WOW

Winner of $88.00 from the 50/50 Draw – Linda Chambers – (I guess you will have to come an play to collect J)  

After I  finished up last night’s Bridge Studio email, I realized I forgot a few bits of very important information:

#1 – The WONDERFUL photograph by Colin Campbell, donated  by Evelyn Campbell was  won be – Gerardo Malazdrewicz – Congratulations, Trisha  will be  thrilled!!


#2  - So many thank yous to send out –

        Nancy Fraser for going all out  with the morning dress up and the lovely breakfast.

        The  20 wonderful people that  arrived (and many  in their PJs) at 6:30 for the kick-off game!!

        Sheena Mackenzie – the Cheesecake was FABULOUS – I was not to have any, but so glad I did.  All that that played in some of the later games got  to enjoy that.

        Again – Sheena Mackenzie – for all the photographs and putting something together for us to enjoy, and send along to  the CBF

        Terry Shaw – who worked so hard during the morning games to clean up and help with  lunch

        Gerardo Malazdrewicz and Jill Tobin who stayed after  the final game to help with some cleanup

        Hazel Harlow to came in with me Sunday for 2 ½ hours to do the final cleanup

        To the many others that helped with food contributions, and the endless amount of dishes


    This event would not have been such a success if it were not for all of you


We were even “tweeted” --  https://twitter.com/AnjuliCBC/status/480364843484995584/photo/1         How cool  is that J

Attached – by popular request is Nancy’s Fabulous Breakfast  and a few pics – more to follow J

Longest Day Players Summaries and Game Results are NOW posted on the Bridge Studio web page (YES, Tech support is BACK!)

www.bridgestudio.org   - click on results J

**** Now to follow that act – what is up at the Bridge Studio this week:

With the Can-At just around the corner - I am sure everyone wants to practice up.  I hear there will be some competition from outside the province – so get in some practice at these Special Games this week!!

·         TWO North American Pairs Club Qualifying Games – Tuesday (24th) 7:00 and Wednesday (25th) 7:00  (this game will be another 2 for 1 Special $10.00 per pair).  These games are TRIPLE masterpoints and ½ black / ½ red.  (– PLEASE NOTE -- if you are worried about earning too many masterpoints DON’T – whatever is on your record as of JUNE 6th, 2014 PLUS any Sectional or STaC masterpoints received in June.  Check your current standing by going to:  https://web3.acbl.org/myacbl/)


·         Two Club Championship Games – Tuesday (24th) 12:30 and Wednesday (25th) 9:30 am  --  The Bridge Studio has club championship PRIZES for winners in each Stratum!!


·         Thursday (26th) 7:00 – Inter-Club Championship Game.  0-750, special ACBL hands.  ACBL wide winners – BONUS points, no extra charge

Bid box-blue.jpgFor the Students of the Game:

Saturday June 28th – Convention Card Conference – a round table discussion about  the Can-At… What games to play, how to win gold points, explanation of some conventions, just to make you aware.  Plus I will help you fill out a comprehensive Convention Card.  Bring your questions and I hope to have the answers.  I will be there from 12:30 – 3:00; come for as long as you like and pay what you think it is worth.


This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Let’s try some defense this week!!   A little “Thinking bridge 101”

East (RHO) opened 1H, you pass, and West (LHO) bids 1S, pass by partner, and East leaps to 4S.

Your partner is on lead and starts with the D-K.   Time for you to think – this is a powerful dummy.  Do you think you can defeat it – if so HOW!!


   Opening Lead:


                                 East (RHO)

                                 S – K Q 10 7

                                 H – A K J 10 6

                                 D – 10 7

                                 C – A Q

  South (YOU)

  S -  A 2

  H – 7

  D – A 9 5 3 2

  C – J 8 6 3 2

Plan your Defense?  What are you playing at trick #1, and trick #2?  What about Trick #3 and trick #4.  Thinking this far ahead is a real asset.


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 2H.  What is your call holding:


    S – K J 9 7 6 5 4

    H – 8 3

    D – Q J 8

    C – 5



PASS – the guideline is that you don’t preempt over an opponent’s preemptive opening.  Pass, and hope to be able to show your spades later.


See you  at the tables, and thanks again for a GREAT Day  yesterday!!

Kathie & Bill Halliday



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