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Tip of the Week:

Play bridge like a Pro – even if you are not one!  Getting ready for the Can-At.

# 3 -- Each deal is a new ball game.  Let us say you start off with TWO top boards, you are on a roll and even if one hand goes bad later on you feel you can recoup.  If you started of with TWO bad boards, do not lose site of your goal.  Keep playing with your partner and even if you cannot come first, you may well be in the placings.  Too many games are lost by simply dwelling on the bad start and bad boards.  Experts will leave the disasters in the vault, and go for the good boards.  If you do not forget your disasters you will then lose your confidence and not be able to focus on the future boards. 


The best partners will never harp on the error, but will tell partner to forget about it.  There is always time after the game to discuss the issue and how you BOTH could have prevented the error.   If it is your error, say you are sorry and get on with the game.

Congratulations & Kudos – Congratulation to Jim Mathers & Rosemary Sampson – 5th in Canada.  Kudos – Carolyn C.  - first BIG game with the Big Boys – and winning .75 masterpoints.

What is happening at the Bridge Studio this week:

We have TWO silver point games this week – I promised a Special game on Wednesday at 7:00 – this week I found a STaC from Unit 192 (Ontario). The $1.00 per player will be included in your 2 for 1 Wednesday.  100% Sectionally rated Silver points.

Second SILVER point game (Unit 192 STaC -  Ontario) -  Sunday June 15th – Up the Ranks Team Game.  12:30 – 4:15. Sign up at the Bridge Studio. Need a partner? Team mates? Contact Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca

Inter-Club Championship – Wednesday 9:30 am.  Upgraded masterpoints – a chance to place with the hundreds of participating tables. Same $10.00

Thursday evening (7:00) is now open to players up to 750 masterpoints – Come for 6:45 pm for the Golden Tip – an expert tip from me to help you improve your game – and win GOLD at the Can-At.

The Longest Day is approaching – less than two weeks, get your dance card at the Studio and plan to play as much as you can J

   For the Students of the Game:

Learn Bridge in a Day – Special event for the Longest Day – 9:45 – 12:15 – have a friend who has wondered about this game of ours – this is the perfect chance for them to be introduced to the game, or a quick refresher.

Convention Card Conference – a round table discussion about what to expect at the Regional.  Conventions you might want to know about, not necessarily play, but at least what they are.  The best games for the most points.  Table etiquette and why the director is your friend.  – Saturday June 28th 12:30 – 3:00.  Feel free to stay for it all, or drop in – fee by donation.


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 3D.  What  is your call holding:

S – A Q J 7 3

H – A K J 10 3

D – 3

C – J 6


Solution to Last Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 2H.  What is your call holding:


S – A K J 10 9 3

H – 7 3

D – A K 8

C – 9 4



Bid 3S – A jump overcall of an opponent’s pre-empt is NOT weak!  It shows a stronger hand than a simple overcall.  An alternative is to double and bid spades, but it’s less  descriptive.  Better Bridge Magazine Vol. 18, #5


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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