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Tip of  the Week:

Play like a Pro, even if you are not one!!   Getting ready for the Can-At

#2 – To become a real player, you have to Play, Play and Play some more! There are lots of opportunities to read and research.  You could spend 3 hours researching on the internet but you will LEARN more from PLAYING.  If something comes up in a hand that you want more information about - ask your favourite teacher, you learn more from doing.

I notice that in a class situation and a problem is presented – you are given the auction, and then say you are asked “What would you lead?” You look the hand over, review the auction and try to deduce the lead – so why not do it at the table, even when given no “lead challenge”.  Or what if a problem was “What would you lead at trick 4?” Now you know there is something to think about and you look at the information from the dummy and previous tricks, you look at the cards differently.  But what do you actually do at the table at trick 4?? Most of the time you don’t even think about  it.  To learn to do this – play and play often. You will develop a sense of when something special is required!!



TWO separate games, play in one or play in both.  Friday June 6th7:00 and Saturday June 7th - 12:30.

Your chance to play against the WORLD.  There are Special ACBL wide masterpoints and World Bridge Federation points.  Look on Ecats for how you placed in your club, your country and in the world.  Souvenir booklets and hand analysis by Canadian expert and international coach Eric Kokish.

There will be a snack table on Friday night and lunch on Saturday.  All of this for just $12.00 per person per game.

  Kudos & Congratulations – Hazel Harlow  & Valerie McClintock—Lucky Score winners  -- Wednesday night -- $132.50 EACH!!  

Cake on Tuesday -- Celebrating our newest Life Master – Ethan Macaulay J

Cards-with-hand-2.gifWhat  is  happening  at the Bridge Studio this week:

The FIRST North American Pairs Club Qualifying game will be THIS Wednesday (4th) evening at 7:00.  June has more 2 for 1 games on Wednesday nights.  N.A.P. games are STRATIFIED A = Open; B = 0-2500; C = 0-500 Non-Life Masters.  All masterpoints are Sectionally Rated (Triple club points) and the masterpoints awards are ½ red / ½ black.  District Finals October 25 & November 1st. National finals in New Orleans March 2015.  ACBL & Unit Sponsored.


Just Play Bridge  -- Monday 7:00 (Bridge Wisdom @ 6:45).  Game ends by 9:15 pm.  Liz is on hand to help you out, when you are stuck or need a little help  (see above TIP).  Redos are allowed.  No Clock, No Masterpoints (but chocolate for the winners).  It is always a fun, relaxed and enjoyable game.


UP THE RANKS – Sunday June 15th – 12:30.  Need a partner? Team mates?  Contact Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca  Sign up sheet at the Studio.


THE LONGEST DAY EVENT – Play bridge and support a cause.  Sunrise to Sunset – 9 games.  We have received some lovely donations of prizes and offers of some great food, if anyone would like to donate a prize or two or bring some goodies for the day, please let me know ( kmacnab@eastlink.ca ).

We have contacted the media and hope to have enough players for a LIVE game at 6:30 am.  If you are up to this challenge – sign up at the Bridge Studio.  We need at least 12 people to make it a GO – the latest count is seven.  I said I would be there if there are at least 11 others.  If you are not up for the EARLY morning game – the second game begins at 8:00.  See the web page for the full schedule.  All games $5.00 /pp with $4.00 going directly  to the Alzheimer Society.

For the Students of the Game:

Convention Card Conference – round table discussion about the Canadian Atlantic Regional at the end of this month.  Conventions you should know about (but  not necessarily play), your convention card, table etiquette, the director’s job, what games to play for the best chance for gold and more!!  Saturday June 28th.  Beginning at 12:30 through to 3:00.  Come anytime and join in.  Bring your questions.  Fee by donation.  


This Week’s Bridge  Quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 2H.  What is your call holding:


S – A K J 10 9 3

H – 7 3

D – A K 8

C – 9 4


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

The Auction:

North     East     South(YOU)     West

               1C          Dbl                 2C

  2H         3C           ?


Your hand is the following:

S – A K 9 3

H – Q 10 5

D – A Q J 5

C – 7 3


With the above auction, where you doubled the opening bid, and partner freely bid hearts – what is your bid when East had rebid their club suit.



Double – partner has shown 6-8 points, but may have only 4 hearts.  The second double is still for takeout, showing the extra strength. Partner might have another suit to bid or be able to rebid hearts with five or more.


See you  at  the tables

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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