M C & G  Bridge Studio   25-May-2014


Tip of the Week:

With our regional tournament just around the corner – I would like to give some tips on how to “look like a pro” even if you are not one.

#1 – Making a Claim.  Work the hand out in your head, once it is fairly clear – think it out again.  Lay all your cards flat on the table, tell the opponents how many tricks you will make and then tell them how!  Do NOT let the opponents interrupt you until you are done.  IF you have any outstanding trumps, be sure to say you are planning on drawing all the trump.  If ANYONE disputes your CLAIM – call the director – you are not allowed to play it out.  It is the director’s job to adjudicate the claim.


If an opponent makes a claim and you think you might get a trick, call the director and let him look – do NOT ask to have the cards played out.

IF perchance your claim is faulty - you will not be the first.  Accept the director’s decision and go on to the next hand, even the experts have made a mistake on a claim J

  Kudos this week to Peter Ineson, Bill Halliday, Bill Cruden and Terry Shaw for another successful “Just for the Guys” bridge game.  All reports have been extremely positive.  I guess Derek’s donation did not hurt either.

What is happening at the Bridge Studio this week

Tuesday (27th) at 12:30 (0-500 only) is a Club Championship – Prizes and Extra Masterpoints


Wednesday (28th) at 7:00 – A Unit Club Championship Game PLUS it is a 2 for 1 Wednesday Unit CC - BONUS Masterpoints.


Just Play Bridge – Monday at 7:00 (Liz’s pearl at 6:45) – Just $5.00, no masterpoints, no clock, just a fun game – (you can ask questions and get some help too!)


Mark your Calendar –  World Wide Pairs – Yes that is WORLD WIDE.  Two separate games - Friday June 6th 7:00 and Saturday June 7th 12:30  Watch your scores as you play and receive a Special Analysis book written by Canadian expert Eric Kokish .


For  the Students of the Game

Lessons are wrapping up – please contact the instructor of each course to see if they have a final week play session and you can drop in for a brush-up.


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

The Auction:

North     East     South(YOU)     West

               1C          Dbl                 2C

  2H         3C           ?


Your hand is the following:

S – A K 9 3

H – Q 10 5

D – A Q J 5

C – 7 3


With the above auction, where you doubled the opening bid, and partner freely bid hearts – what is your bid when East had rebid their club suit.


Solution to  Last Week’s Quiz:

You hold:    

S – 5 4       

H – A K 4     

D – A Q 8 7     

C – 10 8 7 6


You       Partner

1D            1H


What is your next call?



Raise partner hearts – Bid 2H.  Yes, you have only 3-card support, but a bid of 1NT or 2C is a poor description of this hand.  Of all the bids, raising hearts is the best alternative.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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