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Tip of the Week:

In the Balancing Position – a JUMP overcall shows a hand of intermediate strength (16-18)  and a six-card or longer suit).  A jump to 2NT shows a balanced hand of about 20 – 21 points.   (Better Bridge Vol. 18, #3)

Kudos This Week to --- Julianna Gabor and Sheila Baird – Wednesday 7:00 OPEN Field Membership game and a 70.5 % game – WELL DONE!

And  from Skipper Nancy – a BIG thank you to all – and see the attached picture of your A-Team J 


What is happening in Bridge THIS Week:

Monday (19th) 12:30 – Club Championship Game – Steve has the prizes ready for the winners in each stratum -  extra points as well.  Celebrate Spring!!


Wednesday (21st) 7:00 – More Prizes for this Club Championship Game --  PLUS this week is another 2 for 1 Wednesday – Great Field / Great Game


Saturday (24th) 12:30  – FOR JUST THE GUYS – Charity CC – come early for brunch.  This year’s charity will be the Canadian Liver Foundation


Sunday (25th) 11:30 – 2:30  -- Big Hands and Slam Bidding.  Lots of hands to play to have you more comfortable and informed  on how and when to head for Slam.  Instructor  is Kathie – Fee is $17.50.  Coffee, Tea, muffins available but bring your own lunch.  Get Ready to Win those Gold Points.


MONDAY – 7:00 – Just Play Bridge.  We are all having a great time.  The Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45 is always inspirational, almost as good as the chocolate!!   Haven’t tried this game yet – come on in, your first game is on US.


For the Students of the Game:

Please NOTE – there is NO Beginner Bridge Class at 7:00 Monday Evening.

All other classes are in the final chapters – drop-ins still welcome.

·         Monday 9:30 & Wednesday 6:30 – Competitive Bidding

·         Wednesday 1:00 – Conventions – Slams & Stuff

·         Tuesday 9:30 – Improving your Judgment – Effective Pre-empting.



This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You hold:    

S – 5 4      

H – A K 4     

D – A Q 8 7     

C – 10 8 7 6


You       Partner

1D            1H

  ?   What is your next call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You Hold:    S – 4      H – K 5 4         D – A Q 8 7 5         C – A J 8 3


You         Partner

1D              1S

2C              2S

  ?  What is your next call?



PASS!  Partner is showing a WEAK hand, typically 5-9 HCP with a 6-card suit.  Get out of the auction now before you get in too deep, you are on a misfit. In this sequence a 2NT rebid by you is an on-going bid and shows an unbalanced 17-18 HCP.


See you  at  the Tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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