M C & G  Bridge Studio   11-May-2014

Tip of the Week:

When partner opens with a WEAK 2 bid, be careful when you respond.  Remember that on average the weak 2 bidder’s hand contains about 8HCP with a pretty good suit.  With a singleton in partner’s suit and NO strong suit of your own, do not even think of bidding unless you have 16 or more HCP.


Kudos of the week – Alexandra McCormick who has been selected for the Nova Scotia under 14 girl’s Basketball team.  We all send our good wishes at the up coming tournament.   Congratulations Alex!!


What is happening at the Bridge Studio this week:

 Ì Club Championship Games - Friday (16th) 12:30.  We have some prizes for the winners plus additional masterpoints.

 Ì ACBL wide International Fund Game for 0-300 only Wednesday (14th) 1:00TRIPLE masterpoints half RED/half BLACK. $11.00 with analysis sheets.


 Ì Membership Game Wednesday (14th) 7:00– PLUS 2 for 1.  This game offers TRIPLE masterpoints. A very mixed field and open for everyone!  Our non-playing certified director will keep the game running smoothly and finish on time.  Just $10.00 for two players or $5.00 each.

Notice to all the GUYS out there

Saturday May 24th is the 3rd Annual JUST the GUYS Charity Club Championship

Our weekend chef is trying to get the numbers to make sure there is  enough food.

Email Peter (Ineson@hfx.andara.com) or  sign up at the Bridge Studio.


For the Students of the game:

Lessons are well underway, but some students may want to join in for a brush-up class or two.

Or be  sure to come and play  - practice  what you have learnt – Monday 7:00 JUST PLAY BRIDGE – Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45.  Your FIRST game is complimentary J


J Monday 9:30 & Wednesday 6:30 – Competitive Bidding – The Takeout Double

J Monday 7:00 – Bridge Basics – Bidding the Major Suits.

J Wednesday 1:00 – Working with BIG hands

J Tuesday 9:30 – pre-empting in 3rd and 4th seat – why is it different?


Strong Hands and Bidding Slams

Sunday May 25th  11:30 – 2:30

Presented by Kathie – Taking a look at how to handle STRONG hands, Bidding Blackwood or Gerber, Cuebidding

Several TIPS to help your success at the upcoming Regional Tournament

Hand outs for all attendees.  $17.50  brown bag lunch

Pre-registration is not mandatory, but  helpful to ensure there are enough materials


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You Hold:    S – 4      H – K 5 4        D – A Q 8 7 5       C – A J 8 3


You         Partner

1D              1S

2C              2S

  ?                        What is your next call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

As dealer sitting South you hold:


S – A K 10 7 6

H – 8

D – Q J 4 2

C – K Q 8


You open the bidding with 1S, and West overcalls 2H, North passes, East passes and back to you.

What is your call?



DOUBLE – this is referred to as  a “re-opening double” and asks partner to pick a suit (it is NOT penalty).  You have a great hand in support of anything but hearts.  Of course partner may have a 6-card heart suit and some tricks of her own and may pass for penalty!!  But it is YOUR job to DOUBLE!


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio


Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160, Halifax, NS

902-446-3910   www.bridgestudio.org


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