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Tip of the Week:

Direct from Eddie Kantar  and his ‘bible’ on bridge

Thou shalt not let the opponents play at the two-level when they have a fit and your have shortness in their suit!! . . . .this advice will help you get the correct answer to last week’s bridge quiz J


Congratulations to  all our walkers today!!  Skipper Nancy, Rudd, J.L., Dorothy, JoAnn, Kristie, Jim, Rosemary, Brian, Debbie, Doug, Gundi, me, Chester and Kelsey.  Our Bridge  Studio Aces A-Team raised over $5,500, thanks to ALL of YOU for your generous donations!!  Skipper Nancy Fraser was named TOP individual fund raiser (over $2,000.00) . . . . and just announced – Nancy won the “Trip for Two anywhere WestJet flies!!”  How cool is that.  Check out some pictures (attached) of our walkers  on the boardwalk.


Lots of KUDOS while I was out west:

Silver point Team Game Saturday – 12 teams came to play  - even a team from Truro (and they won), and every level of expertise were present – it was  a  great day.  Congrats to Ethan Macaulay who earned his life masters (Ethan let me know when you are coming to play again so  we can all have CAKE!)

Helen Shield’s Rookie/Master  Game – Dorothy Riteman & Doris Smith FIRST overall.  Larry Mock & Linda Chambers first E/W – 17 tables, one of the best attended games in Canada – wish I was here!!  Congratulations to everyone!!

From the CBF – Ethan Macaulay has been chosen for the Canadian Junior Team and Victor Lamoureux has been chosen for the Canadian Youth Team to compete at  the World Championships in Turkey this August. WOW!!


What is up this week at the Bridge Studio:

Trying to get a  little more back to normal – we have THREE Charity Club  Championship  games this week:  Wednesday  (7th) 7:00; Thursday (8th) 12:30; and Up the Ranks Team Game on Saturday  (10th) 12:30need a partner or team mates – email Jill – jmariem@eastlink.ca.

This Wednesday (7:00) will be another 2 for 1 game CCC – Either one pay card for two or $5.00 each!!  Points, food, & well run bridge – who can beat that combo.

àà Want to just play some bridge, no time clock, no  masterpoints, no  sharks, and a chance to have  some “redos”.  Join us Mondays 7:00 – 9:15pm.


For the Students of  the game:

 J Monday 9:30 am & 7:00 – Bridge Basics will now start to investigate bidding the Major Suits – opening and responding.  Anyone wanting to brush up is welcome to join Bev.


 J Competitive bidding will be taking on “Doubles” Tuesday at 9:30  and Wednesday at 6:30 – Skipper Nancy is at the helm.


 J How  about bidding those BIG hands  - Trish has some answers and guidance on Wednesdays at 1:00 (lesson 5  of  Popular Conventions)


 J Getting some ‘card sense’ and using your judgment  - Looking into some stratagies of Pre-emptive  bidding with Jill – Tuesday at 9:30 am.


This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

As dealer sitting South you hold:


    S – A K 10 7 6

    H – 8

    D – Q J 4 2

    C – K Q 8 


You open the bidding with 1S, and West overcalls 2H, North passes, East passes and back to you.

What is your call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You (south) hold:

    S – A 9 8 5 4

    H – 5

    D – K 5 4

    C – J 4 3 2


The auction proceeds:

North     East     South(you)   West

                1H       pass            2H

Pass      pass        ??


What is your call?  Why?



Bid 2 Spades!  They have at least an eight card fit.  Do NOT sell out.  A good partner will realize you were not strong enough to overcall 1S the first time around.  The most likely thing to happen is that the opponents will bid 3H.  Your side will not bid any higher – you have pushed them to a  level they might not make, if they do, you have not lost anything.  This is not an invitation for partner to bid more – 2 is your only level, the opponents will either let you play  there or  bid one more. Now refer to TIP above!!


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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