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Tip of the Week:

When playing from the THIRD hand to partner’s opening lead – be sure to play only as high as you have to – holding the Ace & King -  play the King.  BUT before blinding cashing the Ace, see if there is something you can lead to partner to set up tricks for YOUR side – your Ace will be a second entry!!  Watch the cards and count the hand!!


Monday is the Helen Shield’s Rookie/Master Game.  Anyone that has asked to have a partner is all matched up and ready to go, we have at least 16 tables.  Steve Anderson is in charge and it will be a  great game  -- Have Fun!!  If you have decided you would like to play, call the Studio as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee a partner, but we will try our best to find you one J


District 1 STaCThis STaC is a Special Fundraiser for District 1 as they will be hosting the NABC- Summer Nationals (Montreal 2020) they have a lot of money to raise and this is a start

The STaC begins on Tuesday April 29th and all games thru to SUNDAY May 4th are SILVER point games.


There is an OPEN TEAM GAME on Saturday, full SILVER masterpoints awarded – and most of the ‘big’ boys  will be in PEI  for the Summerside Sectional.  Sign up sheet at the Studio.


Sunday May 4th – DOUBLE event day.  An OPEN pairs game (the ‘big  boys’ are still away) – Silver points in this quiet enjoyable day of bridge – coffee, tea, and snacks.


Sunday May 4th – Walk for Memories – the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Association fundraiser.  The Bridge Studio  has a wonderful “A” team out there.  We will  be meeting for lunch and then off to walk the downtown area to  raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.  If you have not pledged a walker yet, see Skipper Nancy or leave an envelope in the jar at the Studio.  This is such a great day for Bridge Players & Students to just get together, enjoy each other, and do something for our community.


For the Students of  the game:

Feel like sitting in on class?  Just pick  up a little more bridge information – feel free, drop-ins invited to any of the ongoing classes.

Beginners – Monday 7:00  -- talking No Trump bidding and play

Competitive Bidding – Monday 9:30 & Wednesday 6:30 – Effective Overcalling

Popular  Conventions – Wednesday 1:00 – Bidding, Play & Defense – Stayman and Transfers

Judgment on Opening the  Bidding – Tuesday 9:30  -- what to do sitting in 3rd or 4th seat


JUST PLAY BRIDGE – you can take tons of  lessons – but you must “Get in the Game!” come and play in a very relaxed game Monday at 7:00.  We  play until 9:15, the time clock is not on and there are NO masterpoints awards – Just Play!  Liz has a  ‘pearl’ at 6:45.  Or join Nancy in the back, while the others play duplicate, you can play in the Learning Game with Nancy – 7:00 on Thursdays.


Message from our "Skipper”:

The Bridge Studio Aces Rock!

The Bridge Studio Aces and our generous bridge community have now raised over $3,000 in support of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. Thank you all. Only one week to go until the walk on Sunday May 4, 1:30 at the Cunard Centre. All are welcome.

Would you like to make a donation on line? http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=495267&langPref=en-CA

Would you like to make a donation at the club? Drop it in the donations jar. In order to get a tax receipt for cash donations, please fill out the pledge sheet beside the jar.

Health and good memories to all.


Wine & Cheese & Bridge

On Thursday, I will be holding a very casual game where you can eat, drink and chatter. This, my last fundraising game for Walk for Memories is suitable for all players. Questions? Call Nancy Fraser 455-7719

-Thursday, April 24 

-The eating starts at 6:30 PM

-Cost $20 (for which you will receive a tax receipt)

I am still of course, more than happy to accept online donations. http://my.e2rm.com/PersonalPage.aspx?registrationID=2251262&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=http%3a%2f%2fwalkformemoriesatlantic.ca%2fnova-scotia%2f

See you at the Bridge table



This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

You (south) hold:

S – A 9 8 5 4

H – 5

D – K 5 4

C – J 4 3 2


The auction proceeds:

North     East     South(you)   West

                1H       pass            2H

Pass      pass        ??


What is your call?  Why?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Fun with numbers – some fun facts about the odds:


1. Picking up a hand with no card higher than a nine – b) 1 in 1,1827  hands.  You’ll get a few of these!


2.  No player holding a singleton or a void on a given deal?    a) 1 in 4 hands. Someone has a singleton or a void on a deal 80% of the time.


3. Everyone being dealt thirteen cards in the same suit? 
d) 1 in 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301,559,989.   Don’t bet on this happening.


4.  Being dealt the same hand twice?  c) 1 in 635,013,559,600.  By the time it happens, you’ll have forgotten the earlier hand.


See you at  the tables,

Bill Halliday

--- Kathie is in Calagary meeting with the Canadian Bridge Federation  J


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