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Tip of the Week:


On OPENING lead the lead of an Ace promises the King.  With a doubleton Ace & King, lead the King – when it wins the trick, partner will be on alert.  Continuing with the Ace confirms the doubleton, partner should give a “suit preference” signal.  Now you have prepared for a good defense.



J  Monday 7:00 – Just  Play Bridge – 6:45 for Liz’s Pearl  of Wisdom.  NO Masterpoints  (prizes for the winners).


J  Thursday 7:00 – Bridge & Wine with our Skipper Nancy, Captain of the Bridge Studio Aces walking team for the NS Alzheimer Society!!  This evening is a very relaxed game where you can asked questions, change your play and pick up a tip or two. Fee is by DONATION for our Walking Team, and there is wine and cheese to enjoy!!


Special Games this week at the Bridge Studio:

 Ì Charity Club Championship Tuesday April 22nd 7:00 (Stratified Open Pairs) – Join this popular, large field game. One of the best in HRM.

 Ì 2  for1 Charity Club Championship Wednesday April 23rd7:00. Charity CC have about twice the masterpoint awards.


THREE sign up sheets at the Studio


          The Helen Shields Rookie/Master game.   April 28th. This game is sponsored by the Canadian Bridge Federation, and the proceeds support the CBF.


          STaC TEAM game Saturday May 3rd.  Open and Stratified (there is also a Sectional Tournament in Summerside this weekend, and I have heard that most of our ‘expert’ players will be in PEI )


          Just for  the Guys – men only Bridge Game  -- Saturday May 24th – 12:30  Special Charity  Club Championship


Saturday April 26th & Sunday April 27th  -- the FIRST ever 299er tournament in Moncton, NB.  Saturday is two single session pair games and a 2-session team game on Sunday.  This is a SILVER point event open ONLY to players with  fewer than 300 Masterpoints.  Please see attached!!

      Students  of  the game:

Competitive Bidding – Monday 9:30 am & Wednesday 6:30 PM.  The Overcall – Nancy will be starting this section on how to compete effectively.

Popular  Conventions  - Wednesday 1:00 – Trish will have practice hands and review on Stayman and Transfers.  Drop-ins welcome.


Bridge  Basics – NO Class this Monday night!!

Judgment Calls – Using some “card sense” to decide whether or not to open the bidding - Tuesday 9:30 with Jill.


This  Week’s Bridge Quiz:

This week we have some fun facts of the cards.   How about these odds?

1.  Picking up a hand with no card higher than a nine?

2.  No player holding a singleton or a void on a given deal?

3.  Everyone being dealt thirteen cards in the same suit?

4.  Being dealt the same hand twice?


(a) 1 in 4     (b) 1 in 1,1827    (c) 1 in 635,013,559,600  (d) 1 in 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301,559,989


Solution to last Week’s Quiz:

Partner’s Opening lead is a low card in a suit in which you hold ‘Q J 10’.  The dummy has the Ace in the suit led and declarer plays it at trick one.  Which card is the proper card to play from your holding?  



Play the Queen!  The fact that you can afford to play this card indicates that you have the cards in sequence directly below it.  The principle is exactly the same as leading the top of a sequence on opening lead. By playing the queen, partner  knows  you have the Jack (or a singleton), and may play a card to have YOU on lead!!  Therefore with Q x  - do NOT play the Queen to show the doubleton.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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