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Tip of the Week:

It is a good practice to keep the auction open when the opponents stop at a low level, but an important note to your partner is that a reopening bid in a suit should be considered an attempt to push them up one level.  With a GOOD hand, you would have bid earlier!!  (Eddie Kantar Treasure)

Congratulations to everyone who made it all the way to Yarmouth for the “Lobster Classic” – it was a classic.  Chairman Yves entertained us all with a Saturday evening individual.  The ‘deuce prize’ added a whole to dynamic to the game!!  I met several new people and had a GREAT time.  Maybe we will have another “Beat the Manager” in the near future J

What is happening at the Bridge Studio this Week:


THREE Charity Club Championship games this week—

    Monday the 14th – 12:30 – Open Stratified


    Wednesday 16th – 7:00 – and don’t forget this is a Stratified 2  for 1 game.  Last week had many ‘C’ pairs and we hope to see you all again J


    Thursday 17th – 7:00 – Limited to players with fewer than 750 masterpoints.  Be there early to get the “Golden Tip” to be ready for the Can-At.


    For the Students of the Game:

J New to Duplicate or to learn the Game – Monday at 7:00.  Bridge for the Absolute Beginner & our forever fun  “Just Play Bridge” game.


J Competitive Bidding is underway - this week learn more about Pre-emptive bidding – “The Fun Stuff” Monday 9:30 & Wednesday 7:00.


J Popular Conventions has also begun - The Stayman Convention – one of the original conventions – and Trish makes it so easy.


J Need some advice on Bridge Judgment  - join Jill Tuesday 9:30 am - some judgment calls on Opening the Bidding.


Bridge, wine, and chatter.  Enjoy a quiet game of bridge with help from Nancy, a nice glass of wine and some cheese.  All by DONATION – this is a Fund Raiser for our Bridge Aces Walking Team.  We are raising money for the Nova Scotia Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk.  Donate, have fun and play some bridge – Give your brain a workout.


This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Partner’s Opening lead is a low card in a suit in which you hold ‘Q J 10’.  The dummy has the ace in the suit led and declarer plays it at trick one.  Which card is the proper card to play from your holding?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

The contract is 3NT  by South.  Plan your play?



      S – 9 7 5

      H – 10 7

      D – A Q 4 2

      C – Q J 8 5


Opening Lead:

H – 5



      S – A Q J 10

      H – K J

      D – K 9 7 3

      C – K 10 4

Every once  in a while you get a hand that looks impossible – but there is ONE line of play (and lie of the cards) that might work.  This is one of those hands.  You need 9 tricks and you know if you lose the lead the opponents will take 4 heart tricks and the C-A to defeat the contract.  What is your line of play?



Because you cannot lose the lead you must win 9 tricks off the top.  You NEED East to hold the S-K, and diamonds to break 3-2.  Not a bad shot – you can get to dummy twice for sure with the D-A and D-Q to take a repeated spade finesse – but what if you have to get  to the dummy THREE times?  Like a good scout “Be Prepared”.  The D-4 is bigger than your D-3 and it may be the extra entry needed in the dummy.  After winner the H-K, use your D-7 to get to the D-A and play a  spade.  The finesse works, now use the D-9 to the D-Q and finesse again.  Play our D-K and now the D-3 to the D-4 for the final finesses and you have NINE tricks!!    


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160 , Halifax, NS

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