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Tip of the week:

Remember this famous quote: “Play like the experts, who play the contract they’re  in, not the contract they wish they were playing!”  Too much time and frustration is wasted at the table when the declarer decides to criticize his partner’s dummy.  It cannot be changed, the auction is over – GET ON WITH THE WORK AT HAND.  Save time and just play!

Spring has sprung (well by date anyway) and there is soooo much on the calendar.

CBF_Logo.gifThe SPRING edition of Canada Bridge is ready – just go  to www.cbf.ca  (control & click) and see what is happening with bridge in Canada.

The NS Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories is just a month away -- Skipper Nancy is once again at the helm.  She has generated lots of support and has set a lofty goal for  us all.  Please read her attachment.  There are many ways you can support us - bring a friend for casual Thursday, join our walking team, or just make a donation.  The easiest way to donate is to click here: http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=495267&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=direct%2fnone   To make a donation you can personally sign up on any one of the Bridge Aces pledge form,  leave a donation at the Studio, or go online!  It’s that simple.  We are fortunate to have bridge in our lives because exercising our brains is important to assist us warding off  the effects of dementia.


Now for special games this week:

Tuesday 12:30 ACBL wide Charity Game 0-500 only.  Analysis sheets $11.00 per player (donation proceeds to the CBF charity foundation)

Wednesday – 7:00 Charity Club Championship (2 for the price of 1)  game upgraded

Thursday 7:00 (0-750) – A Bridge Studio Charity Club Championship – don’t miss the GOLDEN tip at 6:50 – getting ready for the Can-At

Friday – the Bridge Studio is open, but some of us are off to Yarmouth for the Lobster Classic!!

Keeping our Brains Healthy – Take some Bridge Lessons:

All classes start this week:

BEGINNERS course.  Monday 9:30am & Monday 7:00pm – bring a friend and receive a free play for a Duplicate session.  These classes are small this time of year, a great time to introduce someone to the game.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING – Introducing the concepts of competing in a bridge auction.  Making the game more challenging by bidding for your side!  Monday 9:30 am and Wednesday at 7:00pm.

POPULAR  CONVENTIONS --  the final piece to the puzzle of bidding.  Learning 4 of the most popular conventions.  And of course, honing your declarer and defensive technique  – Wednesday 1:00pm

Improving Your Judgment -  OPENING THE BIDDING.  Now that you have been introduced to the basics of bidding it is time to  use some judgment.  Bridge is not an exact science and every once in a while – you  will have to rely on Judgment.  Tuesday 9:30am

Keep Playing and Keep Sharp Cards with hand-2.jpg – Monday 7:00pm Just Bridge.  Very relaxed and you can ask questions too!!  No clock but we do keep some scores – and we have prizes for the winners.  Try to be there for 6:45 and receive your “Pearl of Wisdom” from Liz.  Bridge really is just a  game, so come and play!


This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

The contract is 3NT  by South.  Plan your play?



        S – 9 7 5

        H – 10 7

        D – A Q 4 2

        C – Q J 8 5

Opening Lead:

H – 5


        S – A Q J 10

        H – K J

        D – K 9 7 3

        C – K 10 4

Every once in a while you get a hand that looks impossible – but there is ONE line of play (and lie of the cards) that might work.  This is one of those hands.  You need 9 tricks and you know if you lose the lead the opponents will take 4 heart tricks and the C-Ace to defeat the contract.  What is your line of play?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1H, and it is your turn to call with the following hand:

S – Q 4 2

H – Q J 7

D – Q J 6 5 2

C – A 6

What do you do??


AnswerPASS!!!  Yes you have 12 HCP and one for length for 13, but you have what is referred to as SOFT values – only 1 quick trick.  Some players will make a risky opening bid of 1D, but as an overcall you are really not strong enough to compete.  You pass for now and see what happens in the rest of the auction.  Do not be in a hurry to describe this trickless wonder.  (Ask Jerry  - Better Bridge Magazine)


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160, Halifax, NS

902-446-3910  www.bridgestudio.org


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