M C & G  Bridge Studio   30-Mar-2014

Tip of the Week:

A bridge FACT from Eddie Kantar – If the opponents have an eight card fit, your side also has an eight card fit or longer 85% of the time.  If the opponents have a NINE card fit or longer, your side will have at least an eight card fit 100% of the time.


What is happening THIS week at the Bridge Studio:

April is here and April is the ACBL CHARITY Month!!  Nancy Fraser is looking for members of our “Walk for Memories” Team.  The fundraising starts this month - every other Charity game supports our walking team.  But YOU can come and walk with us. Expert players, new players, students – EVERYONE is invited to take the wonderful stroll on the boardwalk.  Bridge and Brain heath goes hand in hand.  To make a donation for the Bridge Studio  Aces use the following link: http://my.e2rm.com/TeamPage.aspx?EventID=137225&LangPref=en-CA&TeamID=495267 - - - or better yet join our walking team!!  We have two Charity games this week – Wednesday at 7:00 AND Friday at 12:30.


Wednesday 7:00 game – we are working at building the field – we would love to have TWO sections (Life Masters & Non-Life  Masters) but we need at least 4 tables in EACH section to do this.  To build the field we are offering a SPECIAL for the month of April – 2 for 1 bridge games.  You can use just one pay card for two people or pay $5.00 each!!  Every Wednesday 7:00 game in April is UP GRADED – we will have fruit, nuts & cheese on the snack table.  Come and Play.


Up the Ranks Team game ( 0 to 1000 Mpts) on this Saturday at 12:30 – this is open for players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints.  Need a partner (team?) contact Jill ( jmariem@eastlink.ca )


--- Monday Evening 7:00 – Just Play Bridge – for ALL new-to-duplicate players and students, old time players wanting a casual game – We have fun – NO masterpoints - but prizes for the winners.  Just Play, Just Love the Game.


This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your Right Hand Opponent opens the bidding with 1H; and it is your turn to call with the following hand:

S – Q 4 2

H – Q J 7

D – Q J 6 5 2

C – A 6

What do you do??


Solution to Last  Week’s Quiz:

You are sitting South, the dealer is North, your partner.   The auction proceeds:

North       East       South(you)      West

1D          Pass             1H             Pass

2C          Pass               ?


You hold:

S – J 8 4 3

H – Q 10 7 5 2

D – 4

C – K 8 5


What is your call?



Get out while the getting is good.  PASS! The auction suggests that partner has 5 diamonds  and 4 clubs, and likely very few hearts.  And it is not clear where the spades are.  To bid 2NT – you would need about 11 points and it invites partner to bid 3NT.  The heart suit is too poor to rebid.  So accept the 4-3 fit in clubs – it builds character.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

Mumford Professional Centre, Suite 160

Halifax, NS






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