Saturday  April 8th - Day 6


Style of the Roaring 20's” 


Style was the thing in the Roaring 20's from hats to shoes. Wear a hat, beads or boa from the era for 50 SPIRIT points. 75 spirit points for all "Flapper Dresses, Spats or wide lapel suit.!

n  12:30 - 4:30 One Session Strati-Flighted TEAM game. Sign your team up so that we can make a fair division of the flights and stratums. The day is a fun way to end the week of celebration. Hot dogs will be on the stove prior to the game, and more treats throughout the day.

n  Wine & Cheese to follow the game as we announce the winning HOUSE, and we have special PRIZES for winners with the most masterpoints for the week and SPIRIT points on each team.

n  Stay after the game and enjoy a glass of wine, some cheese & crackers as Bill does the final calculations and the WINNING HOUSE is announced.

Day 6 Recap: 

Steve Anderson presents the Heart of Bridge Award

Between the 2nd and 3rd round of bridge Steve Anderson will present this year’s recipient with the Heart of Bridge Award.  Steve has sole discretion of who deserves this prestigious award.  

This year Steve passed this award onto June and Bill Taylor with the following note:

I chose June and Bill because they represent for me "couples" who patronize the Studio. There are several couples I could have named but I chose Bill and June because of their long time affiliation with the Studio and because I think I've known them the longest as well. In addition, they emphasize as far as I'm concerned the most important aspect of bridge...the social side....I'm especially thinking now of all those wonderful cakes that June brought in to share with the rest of us and the friendliness of them both at the table.



Final Team standings at the end of day 6:

The Charlie Chaplin Team -  10,506
The Albert Einstein Team -  9,877
The Babe Ruth -  9,712
The Charles Lindbergh Team -  9,640



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