Friday  April 7th - Day 5


USA under Prohibition


Friday April 13th From January 1920 until 1933 the USA was under Prohibition. Serious laws were set throughout the USA, Speakeasies, rum running and Al Capone still made it possible for people to imbibe. But many believed in "Teetotalism" when socializing. Bring along a special brand of 'TEA' for your 75 bonus points today.

n  9:30 am 149er pairs. Club Championship. This morning enjoy 'tea and biscuits" with your morning bridge game. This game is OPEN to anyone with fewer than 150 masterpoints.

n  12:30 OPEN Pairs Club Championship. A wide variety of TEA will be available for the afternoon along with some delightful sweets. Bring your house symbol for 50 bonus Spirit Points.

n  7:00 INDIVIDUAL Club Championship - Even with Prohibition there were many ways to find some alcohol - especially along the Canadian board - tonight as true Canadians we will break prohibition with beer and pretzels (and wine & cheese). NO partner needed - this is a FUN game and everyone is invited to play!!

Day 5 Recap: 

What a great day and thank you Bill for taking charge as I was unable to attend for the morning or afternoon.  I hear I missed Kate's tarts (Lemon for the Lindbergh team) and cherry pound cake  (from Helen - Einsteins - who BTW looked  stunning in her  "flapper" outfit - I hope SOMEONE took a photo!) for bonus spirit points.   Did I mention the famous Beryl fudge we had Tuesday for the Lindbergh team?  The individual game proved to be as much fun as ever with a wonderful collective group of players.  Stuart Eastwood pulled off lots of masterpoints for the Einsteins!  Bill told me I missed a wonderful duet from Sandra MacDonald and Anne Coffin this morning in honour of the Charlie Chaplin team.

The standings after the Friday Night INDIVIDUAL GAME are:

Chaplins  -  9358
Einsteins - 8715
Lindberghs - 8612
Babe Ruths  - 8428

SATURDAY - The finale.  TEAM GAME - it looks like we have a strong field of players - remember the hotdogs will be ready just before game time.  ​50 Spirit points for Hats, beads or boas -- and 75 spirit points for Flapper dresses, Spats or wide lapels. If you have a team and still want to come and play -- just call ahead so our director has a heads-up (902-446-3910)  And don't forget to stay after the game for the awarding of the prizes and announcement of the plaque  to the winner house.  We have prizes  for Masterpoint winners and Spirit point winners for each house.  Wine & cheese will be served!

And FYI - Liz has told me she has room for one more team for the SUNDAY 199er team game - just call.



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