Wednesday April 11th - Day 3


All that Jazz

All that Jazz - The 20s was the evolution of jazz, ragtime and Broadway musicals. To WIN spirit points for your house, bring along something MUSICAL - 50 points for your house.

n  9:30 Club Championship game - breakfast bagels & cream cheese

n  12:45 pm 299er Pairs Charity Club Championship.
Lovely desserts - squares, cookies - all in 1920 style.

n  7:00 "8 is Enough" Team game. Anniversary Week Pro/Am team game. Player with fewer than 300 points get 1, 300 - 2000 get 2 and players with over 2000 get a 3 - add up to 8 for a full team. Handicapped based on total team points.

Day 3 Recap: 

Congratulations to the CHARLIE CHAPLIN team - you have rocketed into FIRST place.  You could give some thanks to Sandra MacDonald for her bridge rendition of "Bye Bye Blackbird" (written in 1920s).  (Re)written and sung by Sandra - this updated version garnered 200 points for the Chaplins.

Mind you tonight's 8 is Enough team game also managed to produce mega points for Chaplins as well as the Babe Ruth teams!!

Current standings::

Charlie Chaplin -- 6,137
Babe Ruth -- 5,434
Lindberghs -- 5,402
Einsteins -- 5,332

as you can see it is still a very close race.

THURSDAY -- MICKEY MOUSE DAY. Walt Disney created this famous mouse in 1928.  Bring your own Mickey for 75 spirit points.  All day from Practice Play with Gary, Afternoon delight and the 0-500 evening game - Treats and fun abound.  THURSDAY NIGHT for all that played last week - bring someone new and get free plays - CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.  Come for 6:30 as the TOPIC is Rebids by Responder (what if forcing, invitational for slow down).

FRIDAY - Morning "tea & biscuits".  Afternoon "tea time".  FRIDAY night - INDIVIDUAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - aka - party bridge with beer and pretzels - come for the fun.


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